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First Indian Mommy YouTuber in Dubai with a Purpose


Mommy blogging took up the trend of endorsing luxury baby products and designer maternity wear  and that is when Soumya Midhun, a new mommy from a  humble background, decided to show the real side of motherhood and life that people are reluctant to showcase. From the new mom struggles to social media’s impact on motherhood, a lot has already been written on her new blog.  Her articles were featured on Mom’s Talk Network twice and her readership has increased not just in UAE but also US and India.


To be able to connect better with her readers and fellow mommies, she has started a YouTube channel and it covers topics like budget buys in Dubai, easy toddler activities, healthy eating for moms and babies, skincare, mom hacks and so much more.


Soumya says, “My instagram is not about highly edited pictures or portraying the ideal life but, I show real day to day life that everyone can relate with. My article ‘Go Ahead and Judge Me’ touched so many mothers that I have received messages about how they go through mom bullying on a daily basis. We new mommies are scared to speak up in a society where everything is portrayed to be perfect.  My aim is to empower those women to speak up and stand up for themselves and their babies. Let us all live an honest and happy life.”


Soumya and her husband Midhun Dinesan (the co founder of  the blog and YT Channel) are also planning to show the cultural and heritage rich side of UAE in their You Tube channel.  “We are born and brought up in Dubai and want to give back to this city & country in the best possible way”, says Midhun Dinesan.


YouTube Channel is Soumya Midhun and Blog is

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