“The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle” brand offering luxurious homes

‘’The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle’’ is a brand based in London, offering international promotion and sales of the most beautiful and luxurious homes throughout Europe and UAE.

The brand provide services providing greater value for clients.

The competitive edge by ‘’The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle ’’ is the knowledge of the market in properties overseas, superior customer service is also a point of firm differentiation,  we advise each customer on an individual and personalized basis.

Each client has different needs, lifestyle, culture, social class. Our mission is to locate according their requirements.

Our knowledge of the countries is also a real advantage as we are be able to advise clients on the areas of where not to buy as well as where to purchase.

The difference between other professionals and ‘’The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle’’ is our services, we make a study of customer, needs, tastes and budget to make an appropriate selection and advise them.

The client just has to concentrate on finding a suitable property for themselves.

We offer a concierge service 24/7/365 / personal charm / sympathy / complicity with the customers and owner’s needs. This is a key strategic component to differentiate the firm and to optimize productivity and efficiency. We organise their trip, the hotel, restaurants and tour of the houses to see, this is a free service once the customer decides to buy.

We have the capability to search out exactly what the client are looking for, wherever that might be.

Joint Venture> Collaboration and communication: these are the values our brand. For Luxury Homes & LifeStyle it is vitally important to set up a functional network, both contractual and informal, of commercial partners abroad.

This represents a source of increased competitiveness which aims to offer an excellent real estate patrimony in a highly selected international market.

In the course of our existence we have been able to establish important international joint ventures with privileged foreign companies in the luxury industry whose common objectives are to promote beauty, luxury, and excellence.

Collaborations allow us to promote our exclusive properties using other realities which attract the same client base which coincides with our buyers or vendors. We are specializing in private clients and investors.

Also the customers have the opportunity to browse our collection of Luxury Living for Less.

Targeted customers is people that wants to invest at a reasonable cost as a retirement destination, as an investment, as a holiday home – or simply to escape to another place.


Mary L.  is the Director, a classic and elegant woman, expert in communication and business.

She writes articles to inform and give advice about properties and investments in an international real estate portal and also in a magazine supplement in London. Since she was little girl she has played climbing scaffoldings of works by his father and she have gained business experience during many years in his property business.

In 2003 she decided to start their own businesses with various companies as developer, builder and Real Estate. The business was successful until reached the great crisis and only survives one of the companies but Mary achieves get ahead. In 2015 she starts up with the brand ” The Luxury Homes & Lifestyle ”.

Last week  Mary introduced a wonderful and luxury investment at a price not common and  very incredible, it will be available for sale next week.
It is a front sea hotel to sell in southern Italy of 93 rooms and suites  “This is an opportunity and I look forward to offer it to my investor clients that are waiting for authentic opportunities.”This business is my life, it’s a daily challenge and I enjoy every time I get a great investment”. ” Mary says.

Currently is opening market in China and also she is agent and representative by two great developers from UAE. Mary is a person trusted for Arab people and everyone who wants to invest in London or another European country

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