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UAE distributor LightLife Trading : Organic snacks for a healthier generation

In the past two to three years, the awareness and demand for organic health products has grown tremendously in the UAE.

Research shows that health food market in the UAE and Saudi Arabia stood at $374 million in terms of revenue in 2009. Sales of organic packaged food in the UAE alone reached $16.3 million in 2013.

The emerging trend of organic, vegan, RAW food, “Free‐from” is emerging in the UAE and is considered to be directly linked to health and wellbeing. Ranked as the second most dense population with the prevalence of diabetes (1 in every 4 in UAE), with a fifth of the diabetic population being children; rendering accessibility to healthy food a necessity in the United Arab Emirates.

LightLife Trading is a UAE based regional importer and distributor of organic foods who has participated for the first time at Gulfood 2016.. A young and modern company based on solid experience, its founders Lukas Putz and Tatiana Ivanov are passionate about and experienced in the field of health, nutrition and natural wellbeing.

The company aims to respond to the UAE’s current health and wellbeing situation, through the distribution of healthy products, made 100 percent from organic ingredients. Their range of organic products are also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, with no added sugar and RAW wherever possible.

At LightLife the philosophy is simple: ‘living healthy can be easy and fun – as well as extremely pleasing to your tastebuds’!

In the sourcing process, Putz and Ivanov ensures nutritious and energy-giving food that is 100 percent organic, so that consumers can indulge in foods that are healthy and guilt-free! Even those with special dietary requirements, will find LightLife products provide a new addition to their shopping list. From diabetics, to gluten or lactose intolerant consumers, LightLife’s product offerings will tick every box in anyone’s health checklist.

Particularly popular is LifeFood, a well-known international producer of organic raw vegan snacks foods that since 2007 has been manufacturing 100 percent raw quality products, each one produced below 42°Celsius, merely from raw unprocessed ingredients to ensure maximum nutrition.

Why below 42°C? Just like the human body loses its life force once its temperatures reaches above 42°C, the same principle can be applied when it comes to plants, fruits, vegetables and other live food products. This is why LifeFood constantly ensures its production at temperatures below 42°C.

All LifeFood products are 100 percent free from any additives, artificial flavours, hydrogenated fat or starch fillers, colours and preservatives. Their entire range is 100 percent free from gluten, lactose and any animal-derived products. To make it even better, NO refined or cane sugar, nor malts or artificial sweeteners are added to LifeFood products. They are sweetened with dates or raw agave syrup.

From raw crackers, breads, energy bars, cookies, snacks, chocolate, confectionery and superfoods – LifeFood is 100 percent Organic Certified.

Another health-conscious brand represented by LightLife Trading is Jentschura, a German manufacturer renowned for its innovative approach to regeneration and rejuvenation. Today’s diet largely consists of increased use of processed foods, incorrect food combinations, acid-forming foods and drinks, unhealthy eating habits. As a result, our bodies become OVERLY acidic.

Jentschura’s focus is on developing an alkaline range of products that maintain the optimal pH levels within the body. The brand offers alkalising natural plant-based food products that help dissolve and eliminate the acidity, toxins and impurities from the body as well as Alkaline programmes for well-being: from detox, weight loss and much more.

With over 20 years of successful experience within European markets, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, North Korea and Japan, their portfolio comprises around 30 products. The main products are “7×7 AlkaHerb”, “AlkaLife”, “Morgenstund’ – breakfast porridge ‘” and “TischleinDeckDich”

The organic “7×7 AlkaHerb” tea blend which contains a fine selection of 49 herbs, seeds roots and flowers was awarded the Reader’s Choice Award 2015 by the magazine “natural” – is not only mild and digestible but enhanced by the delicious aroma of many plant species is also pleasing on the palate.

Anther attention receiver is the breakfast porridge “Morgenstund”. The lactose-free and gluten-free millet and buckwheat porridge is the perfect solution for a quick and tasty breakfast. The Bio-certified product, which was granted the award “Reform goods of 2013” and the Reader’s Choice Award 2014 of the magazine “Naturally” in Germany, scoring high for its nutritious composition and its high nutrient density.

Last but not least, VitaSnack another healthy and innovative brand in LightLife’s portfolio. A unique product from Spain, especially attractive to potential consumers and in perfect harmony with the national and global trend ‘Good for you & Better for you’, whose main drivers are: Health, Pleasure, and Convenience, Vita Snack are perfect as on-the-go snacks to sprinkle on salads, creams, yogurts, cereals, ice creams, etc.

Their natural fruit and vegetable chips have a distinct crunchy texture obtained without freezing or frying the product, preservatives or additives, preserving the pure and real essence of the fresh product through the application of an exclusive fast drying process that, with the help of extra dry air.

A pleasant crunchy surprise with every flavor that manages to keep the original intense taste without any salt or sugar added. Try it and you’ll fall in love with it.

LightLife has received great interest from all commercial buyers who share an interest in culinary and innovative organic foods and hopes to receive commercial support of wholesaler partners in the GCC countries as well as looks forward to work with gas stations, pharmacies, cafes, fitness centers, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals and convenience stores and all others buyers interested in their range.


About Light Life Trading

Light Life Trading is a UAE based regional importer and distributor of organic foods since 2013. The company focuses on products that are 100% organic, vegan, RAW, dairy-free, gluten-free and free of refined sugars. Representing health-conscious and 100% organic brands, LightLife Trading ensures that everything it introduces in the GCC markets is free from any additives, artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives.

Backed by years of experience, the venture was founded in 2013 with the aim of introducing a comprehensive range of quality organic products for natural nutrition and wellbeing to the GCC – from snacks, energy bars, chocolates, confectionery, dehydrated chips and superfoods to teas, alkaline solutions and REAL food supplements.

LightLife Trading’s aim is to ensure more availability in the Middle East region for new, pure, healthy and innovative foods, rich in flavor and which taste incredibly good.

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