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After living in Ghana, West Africa from birth till his 18th birthday, Rocky Babani, a thirty-four-year old Indian, moved to Pune, India for his Bachelor’s Degree.

He started his career in Dubai, made a lot of great friends & lived and cherished a lot of great experiences which the city gave him. After 6 years, he married his best friend, Sanjana, equally vibrant and humble as him, whom he met thanks to Dubai!

“Live Every Moment in Life as it is Life is Truly too Short”, is Rocky’s motto in life, and thus, he eventually decided to share his moments with Dubai, by Bringing Dubai to You!

 He recently started his Youtube Channel, where he will be sharing All You Need to Know About Dubai! He will be sharing of what’s on in Dubai, the attractions, the events… everything possible about the city and the UAE.

Not only that, he will also be sharing instant updates about the city on his Facebook & Twitter pages.

“Besides giving me the love of my life, Dubai has given me much more! This my way of expressing my gratitude towards the Wonderland of the Middle East.” he says.

In addition to being a Youtube Vlogger now, he is also an Events Specialist, a Traveller, a Book Writer, a Short Movie Maker & a fun-loving friend next door.

We asked him what can be expected from his videos on Youtube, and this is what happy Rocky had to say :

“It’s not only going to be about Dubai alone, it is also going to be about the viewers. It will be fun & interactive. I have several segments planned which includes individuals and various companies (in Dubai) to get featured, to share their experiences as well, their company promotions… etc.

There will also be competitions and giveaways for the UAE residents and non-UAE residents. Tourists who are currently in Dubai, or who have already been or planning to visit Dubai, all get to connect with me & even be a part of my videos.

They can ask questions to know more as well. You have to stay tuned always to know more. It’s like a Rendez-vous with Rocky for a purpose. Let’s be friends. Let’s connect more with Dubai, UAE…


Here You can find Rocky :

Youtube channel : watch here
Facebook : click here
Twitter : follow here
Instagram : click here




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