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Saudi Diva : Dubai-based Saudi lifestyle blogger and writer

‘Saudi Diva’, Your blog is quite successful !
I managed to successfully change careers from IT support into blogging and journalism. I now write a culture and luxury travel lifestyle blog called Saudi Diva. My blog talks about Saudi and Arab culture and other social topics. I also review luxury hotels, resorts and spas in the UAE and worldwide.

IT and Journalism are the keywords?
I have 2 degrees, the first in Business Information Systems and the second in journalism. I’m currently completing an editorial internship with Conde Nast Traveller Middle East magazine.

This blog is also about freedom and discovery?
As a young girl, I’ve always wanted to leave my hometown and live abroad. I longed for independence and liberation from a strict and confining country, society and culture. I’ve gone through several attempts trying to turn this dream into a reality, but I haven’t fully succeeded until now. I still have many goals and aspirations to achieve. As stated on my blog’s “About” page, the journey of self-discovery and self-development is endless.

Why should our readers have You on their list ?
Readers interested in learning about Arab and Saudi culture, or who are simply looking for ideas for their next trip or staycation, can follow my blog’s Facebook Page to stay updated with my new blog posts: https://www.facebook.com/SaudiDiva/ 

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