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Lanjaron : oldest bottled Spanish water launched in UAE

Lanjarón Arabia Distributors is distributing  the oldest bottled water in Spain, a natural mineral water from the second highest mountain range in Europe, Sierra Nevada.

The name of the natural mineral water is Lanjarón, derived from the Arabic word Al Anhur, from when Arabs ruled Andalucia.They also offer Fonteforte, a lively sparkling natural mineral water from the a source in the same location: Source Fonteforte.

What are the latest trends in beverages?
When it comes to water, the trend is for consumers to stop looking at sodium levels on water bottles because more than 95% of their sodium intake is in their food.
Instead, consumers are increasingly looking for “natural mineral water” on the bottle labels.

What are the most important specifications for your catering clients when placing new orders?
Our catering clients’ top priority is that my delivery team communicates well with them, is honest, and delivers as per the schedule they promise.

What is the USP of your company and how do you differentiate yourselves?
Besides offering the oldest bottled natural mineral water from the highest mountain range in Spain, we hire employees based on strong values: Honest , Teamwork, Two-way Communication, Positive Attitude, Respect for Customers and Colleagues, Patience, Generosity, Smile. Our clients appreciate the passion and commitment to excellence they receive from our team. And our clients love the light, silky taste of our natural mineral water.

What is your market share in the GCC? 
We have just entered the market and expanding our market share. Overall, the market for bottled water is huge and our unique natural mineral water will definitely gain a significant chunk of this huge market particularly for those
consumers who want to drink quality water.

What is your largest market geographically and what are the global trends in terms of supply and demand?
Lanjarón is the number one natural mineral water in Andalucia, Spain. As my company grows Lanjarón throughout the GCC, we expect Saudi and UAE to be by far our biggest markets. The supply and demand picture is per
fect for our business. Clean natural mineral water supply is becoming more and more limited.
Meanwhile, we expect demand for natural mineral water to double every few years.

Where are your products manufactured, and what are the issues relating to logistics into the GCC?
Lanjarón is bottled in the highest mountain range in Spain, Sierra Nevada. It is very important to know that bottled natural mineral water is very sensitive to many conditions, including humidity and odours. We have spent years buil
ding a logistics system that protects the quality of our natural mineral water.

What are the latest legislation changes and how do they affect your business?
The UAE government food control authorities and ESMA now require all bottled waters sold in the UAE to obtain the Emirates Quality Mark. This is good for the industry because it enforces the GCC labeling standards and protects the consumers’ faith in the water they drink.

What is new in your portfolio of products ? What is your latest innovation?
Our latest innovation is really everything in our portfolio because we had to adapt all of our Spanish labels to the GCC market. The new PET label ls look gorgeous: a mix of the Spanish red color with a modern design and feel. Our
glass bottles have a very traditional shape and feel which suits our history in Andalucia perfectly. And our 20% plant based, fully recyclable PET is cutting edge.
Finally, we have worked closely with our intern from NYU Abu Dhabi, Victoria, and a local government authority, to create our Recycling Made Easy campaign.
You can find out more by following us on-line via #drinknatural

What products do you have under development or planned to launch this year?
We have a very special innovation under construction right now which will be appreciated by all natural mineral water consumers. Please standby for an announcement later this year.
How do you see your market changing in the future?
Based on supply and demand for natural mineral water, we see our market size expanding rapidly. The world’s best and most famous hotels, restaurants, and catering companies are moving here every day.
With the upcoming Louvre and Guggenheim in Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi, the upcoming Meydan One project in Dubai, and the upcoming global films which will be produced in the UAE following the success of Fast and Furious
There is a lot more growth to follow.

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