Ruby, luxury lifestyle management

Ruby Luxury Lifestyle Management helps you get time back so you can enjoy both the essentials and the luxuries of life.

Ruby is your ONE POINT OF CONTACT for everything in your life.

Ro, You are the founder and Managing Director, what is Ruby exactly doing ? 
Ruby Luxury Lifestyle Management is a members-only luxury lifestyle management firm, catering to the world’s most elite clientèle.
Ruby is the preferred service of those with the means to enjoy life’s luxuries who also desire more time to experience them.
A Ruby lifestyle manager will be available to assist you at any time of day from travel, restaurants, day-to-day, unique experiences, education, relocation, home management and leisure activities to name a few. Ruby’s expert team, along with our vast supplier network, are an unparalleled asset in your life. We exist to give our members their most valuable advantage – more time with less stress.



What is your mission ? 

Our mission is to exceed your expectations. Always striving for perfection, our team is committed to providing the highest quality assistance so that you can reclaim your valuable time. Ruby Luxury Lifestyle Management enables you to return to what is fundamentally important in your life and business.

No request is too big to handle, our team develops and cultivates relationships with preferred suppliers from around the globe to assist in fulfilling and anticipating our clients’ needs at home and whilst away. Our team vets and certifies our service providers to ensure members rely on us with absolute confidence.

Working for Ruby is sharing a passion ?
The Ruby team is tightly focused and integrated to make certain that you receive the highest level of service. We hire individuals with strong hospitality backgrounds and a passion for delivering exceptional service. Rigorous employee background checks and training ensure their skill and reliability in handling any situation that may arise in regard to your needs.

Tell us something more about the memberships?
We are open to memberships in the UAE of course.
We have 2 memberships available :
Gold with access Mon – Fri 9 – 5pm – $1,400
Platinum access 24/7 365 days a year – $2,800

Contact details :

10 Britannia Place, Henley-On-Thames RG9 1FB, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 800 024 6183


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