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With love from Sweden : Caliente full-flavored drink soon in UAE

Caliente is a sophisticated and full-flavored drink, and also the first non-alcoholic beverage giving you a healthy rush. Because they added chili that, similar to alcohol, activates the reward center in the brain, releasing endorphins and feelings of happiness.

A growing number are after fun yet grown-up drink options without alcohol. More and more also find spicy appealing taste-wise, and as an added plus, the health benefits are extraordinary. Caliente is all natural, organic and produced in Sweden. It comes in the two flavors ginger/lime/chili and cranberry/pomegranate/chili, is a social drink and is best served chilled.


Since the launch spring 2015, Caliente has won several awards, including the prestigious World Beverage Innovation Award, and got some amazing reviews. This April, they’ve also been invited as one of three drink entrepreneurs to speak about the future of the industry at InnoBev softdrink congress in Verona.

The inspiration to Caliente was born when Thomas was stationed in the Middle East and North Africa. Working for Tetra Pak, he was aware of the global trend of people choosing not to drink alcohol. Some drink less often, while others have simply stopped completely. The reasons vary but are often linked to active lifestyles, wanting to be at your best or not wanting to compromise on what matters to you. The trend can also be traced back to strict driving limits and religion.

A chili-infused drink would of course be the answer to what the modern consumer requests! It should be delicious, made from the best ingredients sourceable and hot enough to ensure a strong release of endorphins. Soon enough it was evident that no similar drink existed. This insight gave Thomas the guts to quit his job and gather a bunch of similarly minded individuals, who all in one way or the other lacked a fun drink alternative that didn’t compromise on taste, health or the nature.

Together they’ve been developing Caliente. It draws inspiration from the world, but have its feet firmly placed in Scandinavian values of quality and transparency, health and naturalness. After a year of developing and testing, they finally came up with the perfect balance between hot, sweet and sour.

Selected food trucks, premium/eco stores, cafés and restaurants, represented by people who are proud of and good at what they do, listed it. And today they are proud that the drink brand they represent has got amazing recognition as well as started its export journey to near and far, including UAE !

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