Aquatiser :The Wonder Product With A Thirst For Success

Endorsed by sportspeople, celebrities, TV personalities and bloggers, Aquatiser is the fruit infuser water bottle at the forefront of the battle to keep the nation hydrated.

Its founder, 22-year old Charlotte Rogers, developed the Aquatiser concept whilst at university, where her research brought her to the conclusion that people needed more encouragement when it comes to their water intake. Her innovative product, which fuses together all the natural goodness of fresh fruit and water, was first marketed in July 2014, when a sample order of 100 Aquatiser bottles sold out in just two weeks. Two yer’s later, and Charlotte is sending around 40 packages to her customers around the world every day, and has recently opened a new office and storage unit to house Aquatiser’s exponential growth.

Charlotte’s business acumen and the success of her product also landed her a recent feature on BBC hit series Dragons’ Den, to be aired later this year. “There are three main benefits of the product itself,” explains Charlotte. “First, the compartments are detachable, which makes them easier to clean, and also to replace if necessary.

Secondly, the in-built juicer ensures that you extract all the taste and nutritional values from your chosen ingredients, which can also be consumed after infusion. Finally, the bottle itself is made from borosilicate glass, the safest material for drinking bottles. Consumers are generally unaware of the harmful chemicals that permeate the contents of plastic drinks bottles, especially when those bottles are re-used.”

And customers are raving about the benefits of incorporating Aquatiser into their daily routines. “Absolutely over the moon with my Aquatiser! Such good quality and looks so good!” says Aquatiser user Jamie, describing it as the “perfect thing to keep detox water in… The only thing wrong about it is that I didn’t buy one sooner!” Other customers comment on noticeable weight loss, improved skin and increased levels of concentration.

Customer Kim, who bought Aquatiser products for her and her family, points out that Aquatiser is a great way to keep kids hydrated, as it “also gives my daughter a healthy option instead of a sugary drink”.

Recently, Aquatiser has exhibited at BodyPower, where the stall was fronted by TOWIE’s Abigail Clarke, herself a confessed Aquatiser addict. Here, new products in the Aquatiser range were launched to BodyPower’s 70,000 attendees, including a neoprene sleeve and the hugely popular ice balls.

The success has taken a global stage too; Aquatiser has just gained a distribution base in Bahrain, and is in talks to expand distribution to Germany and the United States, where a strong customer base is already firmly established.

To join the Aquatiser movement go to, where products, information and recipes are available worldwide.

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