Eyebrow Embroidery Introduced in Dubai

Bold eyebrows are here to stay. The fashion statement that had been popularised by the likes of British model Cara Delevingne don’t show any signs of slowing down and has, in fact, been gaining in strength over the past few years. It’s expected to continue as a style staple during 2016 as well. However, beauty and makeup experts have advised people on the right tips and techniques which would help them get amazing brows which are all the rage right now.

“Perfectly arched eyebrows add such depth and beauty to a person’s face. Even a plain looking person can be made to transform in a mesmerising fashion with the right shape, colour and texture of eyebrows. The difference and glamorous touch it can bring to a person’s face and overall appearance is amazing,” said Michele Soudi, who owns and operates Eyebrows Dubai, a leading semi permanent makeup salon in Dubai.

One way to get such thick, bushy and luscious eyebrows, if one is not naturally blessed with them, is to go for semi permanent makeup. A trend in this area is eyebrow embroidery which has been sweeping the fashion world for a while now and continues increasing in popularity.

Semi permanent makeup for the eyes including eyebrow embroidery has been seen at all the top designers’ catwalks in the leading fashion capitals of the world such as New York, Paris and Milan. Not content to be left on the sidelines, even the fashion designers in Asian cities such as Singapore, Tokyo and Bombay have been using the trend on their models.

The trend has been introduced in Dubai by Michele Soudi. A top semi permanent makeup artiste, she has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, not only in the Emirate but also in England. She has also catered to a host of celebrity clients too.

According to Soudi, anybody who is considering getting semi-permanent makeup should have a clear idea about the process and costs involved so that they are fully aware of what will happen, what the final result would look like and the possible side effects so that they won’t entertain any unrealistic expectations. Although the procedures carried out at various places may differ slightly, the general procedure is more or less the same everywhere.

After an initial discussion with the client as to what exactly they want, a numbing cream is applied on the brows. It’s left on for about 30 minutes to take effect and then wiped off. Then the technician starts drawing the brows, taking into consideration factors such as the colour of the client’s hair and skin, shape of the face and eyes, how close or far the eyes are set, the state of the current brows and how the client wants them and which colours and shades would best suit each person. The shape of the brow is the most important factor and the final result should look natural and complement the face instead of looking artificial and drawn.

After the look is approved by the client, the eyebrows are embroidered in a clean and hygienic setting using the new and clean equipment. The procedure of semi-permanent makeup may take between one and a half to two hours. It’s important that the client follows the technician’s advice in order to get the optimum results and to avoid any unnecessary complications. A touch-up would be necessary about a month later.

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