Luxury Business Travel within the UAE, Oman and Qatar

Seawings, the premium seaplane operator within the Arabian Peninsula, has launched an Air Taxi service – providing private charter flights between central business and leisure destinations across the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar.

With their unique ability to land on water, seaplanes can offer direct flights to central city locations, such as Abu Dhabi Corniche or Dubai Creek. Seawings already had a promising network of destinations for its scheduled flights and the Air Taxi is a natural extension providing private charters that offers passengers all the flexible benefits of their own seaplane.

Much like chartering a traditional taxi, all Air Taxi routes are fully customised. 26 landing locations can be used, including convenient city locations and all the region’s airports. Take off at any time during daylight hours and enhance the convenience with beautiful views from the seaplane’s large viewing windows. Every seaplane charter has capacity for nine passengers and prearranged land transfers complete the door-to-door service.

Landing at a city’s central business district drastically reduces or removes the need for additional land transfers. Special ground handling removes any of the delays associated with traditional aerial travel.

CEO of Seawings Mr Stuart Wheeler stated; “The vision behind Air Taxi is to make private travel faster and more convenient for both business and leisure travellers. By touching down in the heart of a city, the service saves passengers considerable time versus business class travel from major airports.”
Mr. Wheeler continued: “We’ve pioneered a network of landing locations across the Middle East region. Our fleet of seaplanes can now provide a dedicated aerial taxi service that connects the whole Arabian Peninsula.”

The Air Taxi service can be booked online at or over the phone with a Seawings Lifestyle ambassador – +971 4 8070709

For more information please visit or call + 971 4 8070709 or email on

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