Costa Coffee Celebrates Summer with Fruity and Delicious SuperDay Smoothies

Summer has arrived! And Costa Coffee has introduced their seriously fruity SuperDay Smoothies – a perfect combination to beat the region’s summer heat wave with a “cool-down” ice blended fruit drink.

Costa Coffee’s SuperDay Smoothies are low in calories and made using the freshest ingredients with no additives or artificial colours or flavours – just 100% natural goodness. SuperDay Smoothies are the perfect way to start your day or refresh your afternoon. Each smoothie has three out of your daily five fruit intake requirements, and are all less than 200 calories each. It’s a cool and easy way to stay in shape this summer, while still enjoying great taste and a perfect solution to the hot summer days.

This summer, Costa Coffee will feature three special SuperDay Smoothies on the menu:

•    Glorious Green 
Indulgent taste with Granny Smith apple, melon, kiwi, cucumber, ginger, lime, baby spinach and mint
Calories: 126 Cals

•    Berry Delight 
Uplifting taste with apples, red grapes, watermelon, strawberries and dates
Calories: 191 Cals

•    Sunshine
Refreshing taste with passion fruit, rock melon, mango, pineapple and orange
Calories: 185 Cals

Costa Coffee’s SuperDay Smoothie drinks can be found at all Costa stores in the ‘Grab and Go’ refrigerator. Simply choose your favourite fruit combination, hand it to the barista, and they’ll blend it with ice and water for the perfect healthy boost.

The Costa Coffee SuperDay Smoothies are now available at all Costa Coffee outlets across the UAE, with prices starting from 23 AED.

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