Gusella, The World’s Finest Children’s Shoes since 1932.

Established in 1932 in Milan as a children’s shoemaker, Gusella combines technology, orthopedics and fashion to offer parents award-winning, beautiful shoes for their children’s feet. The Gusella collection, which is manufactured from high-quality materials, offers parents a wide selection of styles, all of which meet the requirements of their children’s foot development and today’s trends.

The Heart of Gusella

Once upon a time (1929), a spirited young entrepreneur named Dino Gusella was gifted in making handcrafted children’s shoes. Dino had a wonderful dream, he wanted to open a store that would be enchanting for the children who came to buy his shoes; every pair of shoes would be lovingly and uniquely handmade. This dream turned into a reality when Dino reached the age of 18 and opened the first ever Gusella store. When he married his wife Maria, the couple worked hard to design and develop shoes that children would love to walk, play and run in. Their passion for children’s shoes led them to fame as parents and children all over the world fell in love with Gusella. As they grew older, their daughter Sosy and her husband Gigi Calastri made the business prosper and Gusella became the most sought-after children’s shoes brand in the city!


Gusella was passed on from generation to generation, becoming a legacy in its own right, but it never forgot its artisanal origins nor the passion that drove its success. Today, we at Gusella are proud of our Milanese heritage, our renowned excellence and quality craftsmanship, but most importantly, we are passionate about creating products both children and parents will love and cherish.

The Beginning

Gusella opened its first boutique shop in Via Spadari, inviting Milan to step into the world of Dino Gusella. As Gusella shoes grew in fame, so did the number of shops around Italy. Dino saw the vast potential that the brand possessed and had Gusella officially registered in the Chamber of Commerce in 1932. By 1950, Gusella had opened several shops in Milan as well as in Lombardy. The increase in shops allows us to continue to spread our brand philosophy: to provide the finest quality shoes and to offer services fit for little princes and princesses. By holding on to our philosophy, Gusella’s fame spread to celebrities and leading figures who came from all over the world, just to buy a pair of Gusella shoes! Gusella’s loyal patrons included Prince Ranieri III of Monaco and his wife Princess Grace; a picture was taken of the Royal couple leaving our San Babila shop with Gusella shoes purchased for their daughter, Princess Caroline.


In the 1960s, the product range in Gusella stores was enriched by the addition of a variety of clothing and accessories for children in addition to the footwear collection. Since the 1970s, Gusella shops have also offered expectant mothers a wide choice of maternity clothing to accompany their pregnancy. During the 1990s, Gusella opened two specialized shops in Milan dedicated to a product range that provides exceptional relaxation and sensational comfort. The “Cose Comode” shops carry a varied assortment of high quality, exquisitely detailed footwear suitable for the most delicate feet.


In 1999, the historic original Gusella shop in Via Spadari reopened with a new image, offering footwear choices characterized by round shapes and soft lines. Gusella’s stylized “G” has become an immediately recognizable, dynamic and essential symbol. More shops soon followed in 2005, as Gusella opened its’ first store in Rome at Alberto Sordi’s Gallery; the second store in Rome opened on Via Frattina in 2009. Over time, Gusella has become synonymous with being the best children’s shoe maker in Italy and consequently, most Milanese people can remember owning or gifting a pair of Gusella shoes at some time in their lives. The evolution of Gusella never stopped, from the first shop in Via Spadari, the company has grown from its humble artisanal roots to encompass a broad sales network worldwide and a loyal fan base. Gusella now stands as a prestigious symbol of Milanese craftsmanship and style. What is the key to our success? The truth is we love and take pride in what we do so that our customers can feel it too.


The Science of the Gusella Shoe

It all started with handmade shoes, constructed from high quality materials. Then it developed as Gusella studied the ergonomics of children walking, the shape of the foot, the instep, the arch, so that we could create shoes that support correct foot development and walking technique / form. The brand’s passionate spirit of innovation continues to inspire new creations. Gusella conceived and realized the “Gusellino” line, a footwear range that follows the first spontaneous and natural movements of children. The famous “Gusellino” model supports babies when crawling and facilitates the move to a standing position, encouraging a well-formed gait.

Gusella’s Marketing Philosophy

Gusella’s has evolved and changed its image over time, from the beautiful, vintage shop window at Via Spadari, to the rebirth of the brand today. The vitality of Gusella is evident not only in the creation of new, fashion-forward collections, beautiful shops and modern marketing campaigns, but most evidently in our strong relationship of respect and trust with our customers throughout the decades. People are at the core of our business, so we look to our customers for the greatest inspirations, which is why our great ideas never end.


Brand DNA

The essence of the Gusella brand – the brand DNA – can be summed up in three points: Milan This is where our brand story began in 1932, and it is where our brand is most well-known. Although Gusella is expanding globally, the brand remains firmly European, Italian, Milanese, rooted in our heritage. Shoemaking For the last 80 years we have focused on perfecting one skill – providing the most comfortable and supportive shoes for babies’ and children’s feet. As a result we have not only become very skilled in this, but have built up an immense knowledge of babies’ and children’s feet and how they develop. While we have added many other items to our range, making the finest and healthiest shoes for growing young feet remains at the very heart of our business. Quality Gusella’s reputation for quality has enabled it to become the go-to brand for the world’s finest children’s shoes. Royalty, heads of state, celebrities, and the world’s business elite are frequently welcomed through our doors. Over the decades, fashion, technology, and marketing techniques have all changed, but our commitment to quality has remained undiluted by the passage of time. Our guarantee to each customer is that Gusella shoes will not only support your child through their development and daily activities, but should remain in a condition that would allow them to be passed on to a younger brother or sister. Our shoes are built to last.


Brand Attributes

Gusella’s brand attributes are used when referring to products rather than the brand, and describe the consumer benefits. These include: – Italian design – Structural support – Suppleness – Durability – Highest quality fabrics and textiles Gusella shoes are carefully designed to provide the appropriate support for each stage of the baby’s developing feet. Numerous thoughtful touches added to the different stages include the use of very soft leather with no internal stitches for comfort; front and rear pieces for the crawling stage and for the baby’s first attempts to stand up; as well as non-slip soles for safety


Target Audience

The products sold are intended mainly for 2 major age groups of both genders: 3-24 months (GUSELLA BABY) and 2-10 years (GUSELLA JUNIOR). Gusella’s reputation for excellence attracts parents in the middle to top income tiers who seek quality and style. Over the years, owing to the high-caliber customer groups that the brand has attracted, Gusella has become a symbol of luxury, quality and the quintessential Milanese style


Product Mix

The primary emphasis is on shoes, with children’s shoes accounting for the largest percentage of sales, and apparel and accessories contributing to the rest. We expect the apparel and accessories range to develop in volume in the coming 2-3 years. – Shoes 55% – Apparel 40% – Accessories 5%

Footwear age groups

Gusella footwear is currently focused on four age groups: – Culla (age 3m-9m) – Gattona (age 9m-24m) – Primi Passi (age 18m-3y) – Junior (age 4y-10y)

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