Fanilla Couture, high fashion from Qatar

Fanilla Couture ( )  offers a range of chic and trendy t-shirts that make you feel special no matter how you decide to wear them.

The label was founded in 2011 by Razan Suliman; a Saudi self-taught designer based in Doha. Her t-shirts feature all the Arabic pop culture and fashion iconography using vibrant, trendy and popping colors.

They convey a feeling of humor, fashion and love for brands with a flashy style, which more or less reflect the pleasant personality of Razan herself. 


Mrs Suliman, what is your inspiration when you did this collection line? 

Every time we have a new collection we get inspired by something new this time the collection was a totally different that any other collection . we wanted a change therefor we named it   “Change is good”. The “Change is good” brings together the worlds of traditional Khaliji gypsum “naqsh plaster carving” and the botanical gardens. Crafted in Portugal.
Those patterns are traditional Geometric patterns , they were used to create naqsh panels but did not use particularly accurate geometry, and this created many panels with considerable visual energy which would not have been the result had the geometry been set out accurately. The Kaftan flows gracefully to a voluminous fancy dress creating a supremely flattering silhouette.

What kind of woman you forsee wearing your collection?  Who is your target patrons/buyers for this?

Suitable for free spirted yet collected Muslim and non-Muslim woman who enjoys and are comfortable wearing free flowing pieces but not compromising religious traditions (still siting the importance of concealment and protection) who love our culture and enjoy the simple elements combined together.What materials/design patterns visible/evident in this collection line?

With every new collection we try to improve our materials this time we wanted the fabrics to be flowy and elegant .The Kaftan flows gracefully to a voluminous fancy dress creating a supremely flattering silhouette. We wanted it to be some what light on the women this Ramadan. The patterns were all inspired by the traditional Khaliji gypsum “naqsh plaster carving” and the botanical gardens. Generally made of silk and satin with asymmetrical geometrical patterns/vector type images to create a vibrant energy combined with pastel and bright colors…How different is the collection line from your other collections?

This collection is created with the intention of releasing it time for the summer spring season, and to let everyone know of our achievements that we now produce in Europe. This time we feel more mature, more like we know what we want and we now know to get it .

FanillaCouture28 FanillaCouture26

What is special about your new collection?

It was made with love , it took me quite some time to get to where I am right now because   I like to take something that is feminine and precious and make it not so precious, or take something ordinary and glam it up. I also like working with simple shapes. I see clothes as functional, and I don’t think everything has to be tricked out. I am trying to design more clothes that can be worn every day, like the casual T-shirts I am currently working on.

Web :

Twitter: @fanillaCouture

instagram: @fanillacouture

Tel: 55296575



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