Caparol Paints partners with RAK Research and Innovation Center to test their thermal insulation products

Caparol Paints, a global leader in the paints industry, has signed a partnership agreement with RAK Research and Innovation Center to effectively test their External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) for sustainable buildings in the UAE.

As per the agreement, Caparol Paints and RAK Research and Innovation Center will extensively test ETICS, known to improve the energy efficiency of both existing and new buildings once installed with the ETICS insulation boards.

Caparol has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies which complement the local market conditions. The RAK Research and Innovation Center specialises in sustainable system solution development related to solar technologies.

Commenting on the Partnership, Mr. Martin Rosocha, General Manager at Caparol Paints, said, “Partnering with RAK Research and Innovation Center has given us the opportunity to test Caparol’s ETICS in hot climate conditions such as the UAE. The process can significantly contribute to reducing thermal transmission through the building’s exterior. At Caparol Paints, we continuously research on incorporating innovative methods to enhance the sustainability of buildings while maintaining the exterior visual appearance.”

“To achieve optimum results, the research involves continuous monitoring and data logging by using various sensors installed on all testing cubicles which will receive the necessary data. We have allocated a period of one year for the testing. Data logging will be carried out for seven consecutive days every month and the results will be reported monthly,” he added.

“With the temperatures soaring in the UAE, Caparol Paints has seen an advanced and growing need to involve sustainable building and coating methods while maintaining the visual appeal of a structure. The first test involved insulating three standard cubicles (3x3x3) with three different types of insulation systems,” Rosocha explained.

“Various parameters have been taken into consideration during the research such as temperature and humidity inside and outside the room, heat flux transfer through the walls, monitoring energy consumption of air-conditioning using a digital energy meter, solar radiation on the south wall, sky temperature using a pyrometer, temperature and moisture within the insulation system,” he further said.

Mr. Mowaffaq Balish, Commercial Director Middle East, adds “With energy efficiency and sustainability being at the forefront of the UAE’s vision, coupled with a market ready to overcome environmental challenges for a modern and progressive nation, we see tremendous value and potential in our ETICS system solution. Sustainability and innovation is at Caparol’s core; by providing a thermal insulation system that saves energy and ultimately provides health benefits, we are setting Caparol apart from others in the industry. We also hope to continue contributing to the GCC’s ambitious plan to set new sustainability standards.”

Caparol and the RAK Research and Innovation Center are conducting the research to be able to quantify the weather data on site and to determine real energy savings through properties of insulation material in the UAE’s climatic conditions. The research will also determine the seasonal variations of energy savings in steady state conditions (fixed set point for air conditioners).

The RAK Research and Innovation Center facility in Ras Al Khaimah operates seven R&D test platforms focusing on photovoltaic, solar cooling, solar hybrid mini grid, green building, solar water desalination, solar island and concentrated solar power.

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