Kiehl’s Chemists Attack Adult Acne

With adult acne on the rise, Kiehl’s chemists proudly introduce Dermatologist Solutions Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment, with Sulfur and Vitamin B3. This fast-acting, yet gentle formula is clinically demonstrated to reduce the appearance of breakouts and blemishes in as little as 24 hours.

Acne is an occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin that can range from smaller, more localized areas, commonly referred to as breakouts or pimples, to a more severe skin issue with lesions that spread over larger areas of the skin. It is a global issue that affects all ages and ethnicities. In 2014 in Hong Kong, acne was cited as the #1 reason for visiting a dermatologist; in the US, it is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting more than 40 million people; and in Social Media it is the #1 reference skin-related concern worldwide.

Acne occurs amongst those in their teenage years through early 20’s, while more specifically, adult acne affects those 25 and older. No matter what the age, acne can have a true emotional impact, with many reporting its adverse effect on their quality of life, careers and relationships. Acne is caused by 4 common factors:

1.    Hormonal Influences (or imbalances)
2.    Blockage of oil or sebum flowing through the skin
3.    Bacteria
4.    Inflammation

Adult acne tends to be tied more to inflammation and hormonal dysregulation in particular, which often results in papules, pustules, and cysts located along the jaw line and on the cheeks, in what is called the U-zone. Adult acne can also have an increased rate of skin discoloration, as the process of clearing post-inflammatory marks slows down as we age.

“The most challenging aspect of treating adult acne is that acne products formulated for younger skin can often be challenging to use,” noted Dr. Adam Geyer, Kiehl’s Consulting Dermatologist. “Given the difference in physiology between adult and adolescent skin, an ideal treatment for adult acne should provide long lasting results, have preventative and targeted effects, be gentle on the skin without risk of excessive redness or irritation and address the discoloration left behind from acne.”

To address this need, Kiehl’s Chemists specifically formulated new Dermatologist Solutions Breakout Control Spot Treatment to reduce the appearance of acne on adult and aging skin. With 10% Sulfur and Vitamin B3, the formula is fast acting, blends evenly and offers an effective yet gentle solution to blemishes.

“We selected Sulfur for our formula because it works to diminish the size of acne lesions without irritating the surrounding skin on adults, who tend to have a drier, more sensitive profile than adolescents,” noted Dr. Geoff Genesky, Head of Kiehl’s Skincare Laboratory.  “We were also able to optimize the formula to avoid any odor associated with Sulfur and to ensure that that it absorbs quickly to act fast on skin. We also utilized Vitamin B3 in order to soothe skin and to help prevent it from feeling oily. When used day or night, the formula begins to reduce the appearance of breakouts in 24 hours while respecting the surrounding skin area.”

Kiehl’s Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the size, height and redness of breakouts in just one day. “In order to demonstrate the formula’s fast action, we conducted a clinical study on 50 men and women, ages 18-50, all with mild to moderate acne,” stated Helen Sung, Kiehl’s Assistant Vice President of Product Development. “We tracked their acne lesions for over the course of 1 week and saw a dramatic improvement in just one day. The acne lesions showed swift reductions in their diameter, height, and redness.”

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