Al Qatami inspects latest services in four newly expanded departments at Dubai Hospital.

His Excellency Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) inspected today the newly expanded services at Dubai Hospital.

The hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Dubai that offers a range of specialty services and has one of the largest neonatal units in the Emirate. The hospital is also known for its oncology, cardiology and a host of other specialized and subspecialized services.

Al Qatami, said: “The DHA is keen to expand its services and constantly develop its existing services as well as keep up with the latest in technology and imaging to ensure we provide our patients high-quality patient-centric services. The expansion is in line with our strategy to increase capacity, ensure patient satisfaction and most importantly provide patients with high-level specialized healthcare.”

The departments that underwent expansion include radiology, cardiology, gynecology and neonatology.

Expansion of neonatology department:

Dubai Hospital has one of the largest neonatology services in the Emirate and is a referral centre for cases from the Northern Emirates.  In 2015, the hospital had 32 neonatal beds, after the expansion the bed capacity has increased to 38 beds and by the end of the year, the hospital aims to increase its neonatal bed capacity to 42 beds.  In 2014, the total number of premature babies treated who were under one   kilograms at birth was 51, and in 2015, it increased to 67 babies.

Expansion of radiology services:
The radiology department has expanded its services by adding additional advanced CT scans, advanced MRI machines with more features and advanced mammography machines, which provide the latest technology in breast imaging.

The newly advanced machines have replaced the earlier ones.

Adding these machines will help the hospital increase capacity and the use of latest technology will help provide better diagnostic services to the medical team in Dubai Hospital, which will directly help, improve and advance patient care.

The radiology department will soon begin providing scheduled diagnostic services such as CT scans and MRI imaging in the afternoon shift as well which will also help cater to a higher number of patients.

Expansion of gynecology department:
The design of the expansion of the gynecology department of Dubai Hospital ensures each of the 13 labour suites are private rooms with attached bathrooms. Also, in addition to the fetal and contraction-monitoring systems in every room, the hospital has also introduced a centralized monitoring system that is monitored by in-charge nurses. This centralized monitoring system ensures immediate notification in cases where medical intervention is necessary.

Dubai Hospital has one of the largest maternity departments in the Emirate and 3007 babies were born at the hospital in 2015.

Expansion of cardiology department:
The expansion of the cardiology department has been designed in a manner to provide a completely dedicated floor for cardiology services, which is known as the Dubai Heart Centre.

Dubai Hospital’s cardiology services offer sub specialized services and is one of the most prominent cardiology centres in the emirate that regularly handles complicated cases including pediatric congenital cases from newborns to 19 year olds.

The expansion has increased the bed capacity from 42 to 54 beds and the services added include a full-fledged cardiac imaging centre, which includes additional cardiac CT scans, introduction of cardiac MRI imaging- in 3D and 4D, making the hospital one of the few in the Emirate to provide this imaging service.

Several high-level officials joined Al Qatami during this inspectional tour; they included Dr Ahmad Bin Kalban, CEO of Hospital Services Sector at the DHA, Dr
Abdulrehman Al Jassmi, oncologist and CEO of Dubai Hospital among others.

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