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Angel Taxi in Moscow is a leading taxi dispatching service with fixed prices with over 1500 drivers in Moscow and Moscow region and over 300 drivers in St. Petersburg. Angel Taxi in Moscow has catered to private and corporate clients since in 2008.

Taxi in Moscow differs from taxi in St. Petersburg as most companies operating taxi in Moscow charge per hour rather than by mileage, which might make your trip by taxi in Moscow a pricy one in notorious traffic jams. Angel Taxi in Moscow does not charge by time, we charge by kilometer. It means our fixed taxi fares in Moscow will not change due to traffic jams. You pay what you have heard when you call us unless you change the route or the driver awaits for you more than 10 gratis minutes.

Why Angel is a leading taxi dispatching service in Moscow?
Angel Taxi in Moscow has a 24 / 7 telephone suppport in English to dispatch taxi.

Angel Taxi is a leader in charge-per-km sector in Moscow taxi business. The name comes from the founder’s experience in launching the pilgrimage service in Epiphany Cathedral in the town of Bogorodsk (town of ‘Mother of God’, in English). The settlement dates back to the late 14 century. Άγγελος (Angel) is Messenger in Greek. Clients are quite enthusiastic about Angel Taxi.

We accept Visa and MasterCard as payment for taxi in Moscow but only if you let us know in advance that you want to pay for taxi by Visa and MasterCard.

Are Russians friendly?

One of the tourists asked recently while visiting a cathedral on a tour in Moscow: “Are there many Russians believers?” –“Yes, quite many, many top officials in the country are Christians”. “But how could that be, if there are so many Communists?” (!) “There are very few Communists now, what makes you think there are many?” “There’re so many Russians in Moscow who don’t smile – they’re sure Communists…” I had to explain that the only possible link between Communists and few smiles could be the historical heritage from decades of Soviet regime, when foreigners were deemed as strangers to say the least.

Why might drivers of taxi in Moscow seem a bit unfriendly?
In general, Russians are very serious about smiling (what an oxymoron!). In Russia, a smile is a deliberate, intentional face expression, hardly ever automatic as it is in the West. While the phrase ‘Kak dela?’ (“How are you doing?”) has become more automatic (Russians over the decades of propoganda have become less serious about speech) while still demonstrating a great deal of interest, flashing a smile is more of an attribute of certain jobs (models, waiters, sales assistants) and certain age.

Strangers smiling at you are still considered as someone unusual while in Soviet years it triggered even suspicion. Unsmiling faces are characteristic of Russians. While in Europe and USA smiling is polite, especially in the service industry, in Russia smiling shows you like the person or at least know them.

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