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Andrea Kidd, personal shopper

Andrea Kidd (Personal Shopper) : “It’s a cliche, but every person judges you by the way you look”


Andrea Kidd  is a young Macedonian woman in Dubai, making her living as a personal shopper and stylist. Personal shopping is seen as a bit overwhelming and intimidating, when really it’s the opposite; you will get to know a kind, understanding, friendly and professional Stylist. With years of combined experience, they know what real women and men need from their wardrobes, and understand that we all have budgets and time constraints too.


Andrea, where do you come from?
I come from Skopje, Macedonia. A small country that used to be part of Yugoslavia.
When did you move to Dubai? 
I moved to Dubai 7 years ago, just after I finished my university course for Architecture & Interior Design.
Why did you start as “personal shopper”?
I’ve been in the fashion world for more than 10 years, working as a model, working on fashion events, fashion sites, working with fashion designers… and something I really enjoyed helping my friends to style themselves, assisting them on their shopping “trips’, etc.
Fashion always has been my true passion and some of my friends asked me why am I not doing this as a full time job, and before I knew it, I was doing styling and personal shopping for various people and truly enjoying every moment of it. The feeling of making people happy and confident about themselves, gives me a pleasure and huge motivation to work with any type of clientele.
You were a fashion model in France and Italy, which trends did you experience in fashion since then?
Fashion trends do tend to change each season,each year and I have worked on many many fashion shows, but the ones that I still remember are the ones that really stood from the rest. Even though nowadays I love minimal fashion, back in the days I was amazed by the attention to details that the Italian modern baroque fashion was bringing. It was new to me and quite fascinating.
Sometimes people think “personal shoppers are they worth it ?” 
I often get this question, and I’m always surprised of it. People would hire personal trainers to get fit, would hire coaches to learn to play a sport, go to a cooking class or watch videos to learn to cook, but would question if “Personal Shoppers are worth it?” The truth is we all have different gifts, us personal shoppers/fashion stylist have the gift to make people feel beautiful & confident. It’s a cliche, but every person judges you by the way you look. Is it a job interview, date, special events…the care we put in presenting ourselves says a lot.
The answer is: Yes! Having the right Personal Shopper is worth it, as she/he will help you to build the image of yourself that you want to show it to the people. Finally your amazing personality and care about how people see you will come to live.
What is your real added value for your customers?
Constantly working on satisfying my clients. Each client for me is the only one, the one. Many of my clients come from word-of-mouth and it’s my pleasure when I hear that I’ve made my clients feeling special.
Can you describe what a day with a client might look like?
When I have a new client for personal shopping I meet them in one of the malls of their choice, and we have a small chat about the questionnaire (that they have filled prior meeting me) and trying to understand better what they need help with, trying to get to know them better and their lifestyle. With all that information and the answered questions we are ready to hit the shops. The personal shopping experience usually lasts 3h, and in some cases 4h.
What’s your favourite part of the job?
I really love styling my regular clients. Usually people think it’s all about spending money with personal shoppers, but there is also fashion styling to clients current wardrobe. It’s enjoyable to me selecting and combining items, I always find it interesting and fun as no clients wardrobe is the same.

What’s one style tip you would give us to always remember?
Show only one part of your body at a time. If it’s your legs, cover up your top and opposite.  
How would you rate your success?
I’m happy with my current clientele, I do personal shopping, fashion styling, photoshoots, shops collaborations… Of course it could always get better and that’s what keeps me going and enjoying what I do.
What has been your biggest business struggle as an entrepreneur? 
Definitely getting the word out. I used to be more shy and it was tougher for me to network with people.
What do you love most about living in Dubai?
It’s hard to say only one thing. I love that I’m blessed to learn about different cultures and traditions, I love the weather, the architecture variaties, the work opportunities. It’s definitely a city that has plenty to offer and hard to replace.
In which stores in the UAE do you tend to find the best buys?
I like to shop in different shops, rather than committing to one. I like experimenting and I find it funny that I actually don’t have anything favourite like favourite shop, restaurant, perfume, food, etc. I like to be spontaneous and always give a chance to something new and different whether it comes to fashion, food or places.
Thanks Andrea !

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