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Designer Chantal Assaad : “The nicest thing about my work is when I see my drawings come to life”

Chantal, what made you decide that you want to be a fashion designer?
Well, fashion was a subject that became a passion of mine at a very young age and I started experimenting by cutting up and restyling my clothes and it grew from there.

I can remember at school, we had drawing and sewing classes and I was always the last one to leave the class.  I loved doing my own clothes by cutting and stitching dresses & T-shirts.

What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?
At a fairly young age I knew I wanted to do something related to fashion I had an eye for different clothes & styles. I would buy & mix funky and different pieces then match them with items from my wardrobe.

As the years went by I started drawing silhouettes with long evening dresses and enjoyed the creative aspect. I decided to follow my passion & build a brand aimed to make every women feel beautiful, confident & comfortable.  But before doing that I wanted to study fashion at the world famous Esmod School of Fashion  focusing on creating ready to wear clothing.

What inspires you?
I get my inspiration from traveling, exploring each country’s culture, architecture and its people. I can spend hours wondering around in a new city, just observing, and getting inspiration from street art, like Graffiti

What are you working on at the moment?
I am finishing up ChantalDesigns Eid & also winter collection that will be launched in September 2016. In addition, each season I collaborate with Lara Tawidian a fashion designer on ChantalNLara brand so you will be seeing a new collection as well.  I am also excited to share that in 2017 I will be launching a new line for kids.

How has your style developed since your start?
I have always utilized Jersey fabric in a minimalistic yet classy style. I also introduced some simple evening dresses in the latest collections this past year.

What was your biggest red-carpet moment?
This year I had 3 moments that I was proud of. I was very happy to meet Alessandra Ambrosio this year who is Victoria Secret’s top model and spokeswomen, she passed by and grabbed some pieces from our collection.
I am also blessed to have clients from UAE, Saudi & Qatar royal family who purchase my designs.
Lastly, I was also very satisfied when we participated in  Saraya for a good cause a charity event that was held in Wafi Mall ,it is always good to give back and help as much as one can.

What do you think of designers who try to be trendy?
I think every designer has their own style, the fashion world is a very competitive industry and I believe it takes time for each designer to find their place, be unique and stand out. In the early progress the designer needs to try and see what works as every market is different and that is something they always need to take into consideration.

What’s the dream project you haven’t (yet) managed to create?
I am currently in discussions of opening a ChantalDesigns store in Dubai and having my brand available in London & Paris by 2017.

Wow ! Describe your perfect day.
Being a businesswomen and my brand being in the early stages I always try to plan my day and put a schedule. I always start my morning at the gym at around 7am then the fun begins usually starts off by visiting my fabric suppliers and understand what is trending in the market after that I head to the workshop were I spend a few hours following up on samples and production. In the afternoon I usually follow up on orders and customers. The evening time is dedicated to family & friends.

Have you become friends with any of the celebrities you’ve worked with?
I found that the local celebrities are very supportive of local fashion and I had the pleasure to have several well-known international & national bloggers wear my designs.

What makes you happiest about your job?
The nicest thing about my work is when I see my drawings come to life; it is just a great feeling. It is also great to constantly be around creative people who are involved in the Fashion industry. Also when I hear back from my clients & they tell you how your designs make them feel that is always satisfying.

And if you could live the life of another creative, which would it be?
I do not think I would want to be someone else but I can tell you that I do admire the work of Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney.

Tell us about some of your favorite places in Dubai
Wow where do I start, the beauty of Dubai is it has allot of energy. When the weather is nice I really love going to Kite beach, you have several great dining options and my favorite is Sushi at Zuma & Sumo Sushi.  I really like going to the various food markets and get inspired by the energy especially the fish market.

Well, we wish you all the luck !

Website : www.chantaldesigns.com       


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