Petra Fothergill (Petras Luxury Crystals) : “consider to start small and open a few stores and shops in Dubai”

Petra, You are the founder of “Eva Shahnaz Jewelry”, can You tell us some more about your brand?

I am the founder of E&S jewelry but we have recently renamed the brand to PETRAS so the people have a better idea of knowing its my brand specialized in sales of luxury colorful crystals personalized items. All produced in CZ in North Bohemia , the region of glass where I grew up..


You are also active in modelling ?

Well as a matter of fact I am very active in modelling as I am Bareface model , agency based in Dubai.  I also cooperate with many photographers locally and also international. There were many modelling jobs I did already, also of course for my own brands and business.

Which modelling job did you like the most ?

The most favorite modeling shoot I did was with Nadav Kander a worldwide known Photographer for Dubai Tourism world campaign outside L. Vuitton and Ch. Dior at Dubai Mall in 2014 but also commercials for HSBC bank or for Czech brands such as Senyr Bijoux and also for ES jewelry.
I also loved shooting with Diana Nasif – at EMoDels JLt and I like Antoine Fadel, the Lebanese Photographer and filmmaker, Lucie Krystofova, Czech Photographer and recently I shoot on Palm with another great Lebanese artist Fady Habib a very interesting and sophisticated painter and photographer known as Faddic.


How do You do this all together ? My days only count 24 h 🙂

Well how do I do it all together? That’s a good question actually, I have lots of nice people who cooperate with me , I call them my angels and they support me, together with my family this would not be possible.

I am grateful to them to be able to fulfill my dreams and thanks to it I try to create what I truly love to do, because everything comes from our heart and what I feel, I love to share with others and they share the ideas with me , which goes hand in hand and its very important to involve a lot of effort into all of that and focus on details.

Don’t you miss Your home country ?

Of course I miss my home country a lot as I have been living in Dubai for last 9 years but I regularly travel to Prague to visit my family.
Prague is for me one of the most beautiful cities in the world not only culturally , artistically but also spiritually. Prague has a very romantic atmosphere with lots of things to discover especially in summer.


What’s so different between Dubai and CZ, except the weather of course…

The difference between Dubai and Prague is pretty huge, not only geographically and of course but Dubai is modern hub I consider it to be my current home now. I love the feel of it, the culture and the atmosphere when you hear the Arabic singing in the mosques, to drive around and observe how the city is alive also the beautiful modern architecture.

I myself find Dubai a very expanding place and its incredible to see how it changed in last few years, it’s a very modern city with lots of multiple cultures and we can feel a lot of good energy in here.
Prague on the contrary is very old and historically very ancient city full of old historical towers, cathedrals, palaces and galleries, which can write stories centuries ago, based in the heart of Europe, the city itself has a lot to offer, not only with its central location but also for many different industries such as production of crystal jewelry etc.


What are your future plans with “PETRAS” ?

My future plans with PETRAS luxury crystals are amazing. I consider to start small and open a few stores and shops in Dubai. Now we have start with a small store in Movenpick hotel in Bur Dubai, so people could see more of the things from my country and I also plan to cooperate on developing my own personalized jewelry collections with a Designer from Lebanon based in here.
Then we would be able to show that jewelry also can be special and made with love so others could feel unique and so many people are going to be able to afford to buy them.

What makes ESJ different from all the other jewelry ?

Well we try to create something very shining and what has a personal touch. We use very good quality crystal with many different colors which comes from North Bohemia often presume its a diamond which for me actually is in a certain way?
It has very good prophecies and good aspects for our health. Different colors of crystals we use can have better impact on certain areas of our lives such as chakras, etc.
So when you decide to buy our jewelry; it does not have only positive aspect for our appearance but it goes deeper in our soles.

Which are your favourite places in Dubai ?

My most favorite places in Dubai, are The secret beach, Madinat Jumeirah souq, Palm Jumeirah Island with its luxury hotels such as Sofitel the Palm, The old area with the old Souq and Dubai Museum, Bastakia and Creek, and also Burj Khalifa with its amazing fountains show that takes my breath away and Satwa for its great shopping experience and lastly; no need to mention Sarah as my little son Jonathan would say Dubai is the best place in the world everyone dreams to live in.  In memory to my beloved my father Paul who is watching us from the sky.,.


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