Xavier Dietlin : Crafting the world’s most innovative displays for the luxury industry


Xavier Dietlin, former soccer player in Switzerland is now a worldwide renowned inventor and manufacturer of unique showcases and displays for watch brands such as Hublot, FP Journe, Patek Philippe, La Montre Hermès, Chanel, Blancpain, Breguet. 

Being a footballer, your childhood dream, this was your first passion ?
Yes it was a passion like many young boys. I dreamed of playing with stars and I achieved that goal but that dream was disappointing. For me to be footballer is a hobby not a job. Football at a high level is very demanding. For myself life is much richer and complex.

Designing unique watch showcases are your great passion, can You tell us a bit more about how it started ?
My father had a construction company that I joined after football. We participated in a competition for a Cartier showcase that we have largely lost but i liked the process to shine an object as small as a watch : so much energy for an object of 40mm I was quicly fascinated by that. For me it’s like theater or staging !

Can all brands make use of the resources you use for a display ?
Of course but each differently : one in a dynamic way and another one more poetic. The question doesn’t arise like that but : does the final customer want an innovative and modern way of products presentation that brings a touch of emotions ?
This question arose in many other areas. Do you imagine a museum in 2016 without new impulses?

Mr Xavier, some say you are a constant whirlwind of activity…You agree ?
I accept it and I’m very proud. That’s my nature. I live with my time and I’m surrounded by the younger generation who has another vision of the future. The future interests me a lot and also the views of the younger people interest me . The point of view of someone who has 60 years old doesn’t interest me because at 60 you never want to change.
Watchmaking industry leaders have a conservative spirit and they are focused to old customers and that’s why I have a lot of success. The younger generation love what I do and they are tomorrow’s customers.


You are not materialistic yourself, how do you perceive luxury ?
I hate luxury that shows you have money. Luxury is the easiest way to show that you have succeeded in life. It’s a weakness ! I never allow my children to post photos on social networks showing  we have money. It’s a matter of respect. If we have money, we don’t need to show it.
I don’t need to show anything to anyone. Being happy is to have someone to lose!
But i am fascinated by what humans can invent. To have a mechanical watch on your wrist is like wearing a small part of the human genius.

What drives you to the excellence of your designs and presentations?
I just need to be fascinated myself by a presentation. I’m like a child, I need to be surprised. If one day of your life is the same as the day before it’s surely a pity!

Sit back and relax, don’t you need it ?
Everyone needs it and me too.
I’m so passionate by my work that I don’t feel like work.
Creativity can not be ordered, it is part of you. You can’t escape it even during holidays.
The goal is to get to: When do nothing has taste.

In October the “Hublot Raptor Showtime” will be presented in Dubai, what can You unveil right now ?
The show will be impressive because we will use the 360° circular giant screens from the mall. A new animation about 10 years all black will also be unveiled. I hope that this step (the show will also be presented in ten cities in Asia) wil be a success and that people stop to watch it !

If You have to choose one watch, which model will it be ?
I love connoisseurs watches and i need a creator behind the watch. For me the most beautiful watch in the world is : FP Journe Octa lune platinum.

Thank you for your time Xavier !



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