“Being a part of Click Aviation Network means being a part of something truly authentic”

At Click Aviation Network (offices in UAE and 7 other countries), generating and enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities for their members is at the core of their business. They offer Charter Brokers, Operators, and suppliers of the aviation industry a platform and a portfolio of added-value features that supports their present and future success.


Mr Hiraki, can you explain us in a nutshell what “click aviation network” is about?

We have developed a Network to connect various entities of the aviation industry. These entities, whom we refer to as our members, include a versatile group of Charter Brokers, Operators, Suppliers and other aviation service providers.

Each one our esteemed members hold a significant role in weaving the pattern that is Click Aviation Network: a Network through which connections are made, relationships are built and strengthened and the foundations for continued and sustainable growth are formed. It stands to reason that the present state of affairs in conducting business relations within aviation are not only outdated and ineffective but benefit a small margin of stakeholders rather than the greater whole, creating an ill-disposed environment.

The Click Network is geared toward the enrichment of all of its members. We continuously seek to grow the Network and maximize its value and create connections through which gains are reciprocal. This generates an environment where members are trusting and have a fair advantage in staying competitive in the market.

What is your role in the company?

I am working as the Communications Manager at Click Aviation Network, trying to add value and promote the marketing, PR and social programs of the company.


Aviation industry…did you dream of being a pilot when you were a child?

Who would not love to be a pilot! It was always my passion to be a part of the Aviation industry and unfortunately I couldn’t be a pilot but I want to be a dynamic part of the industry. I would like to help people achieve excellent levels of services, and to do this by creating and developing a new mechanism within my specialty of the Aviation industry.

What is the advantage of working with Click Aviation Network instead of other company?

Through Click Aviation Network and its many features our members connect in such a way that makes business ventures not only seamless to fulfill but also an evolving process. Click offers its members a web-based portal that simplifies the conventional methods of service request and delivery. Members can also benefit from Click’s designated team in the Operations Control Center to assist with all matters relevant to flight operations.

Being a part of Click Aviation Network means being a part of something truly authentic; It means being a part of a Network that entails growth and differentiated service; A network that encourages innovation and promotes unity for greater gains; A Network that offers profitable opportunities and long-term sustainable value for all of its members.
What can you tell the people who want to start their carrier in (Marketing /communication sector) after 10 years of experience?
Patience and optimism are the primary key to success in any field…
I would advise all beginners in this area to equip themselves with patience, success does not come overnight and optimism is what drives a person to endure the difficulty of patience. Don’t focus on the job title but on the value of your work, be flexible. Accept new methods and procedures and techniques, as it is the only way forward to be innovative and have a successful career within the industry.


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