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Sacha Christe (Emirates Graphic) : “The biggest dream would be to expand our services worldwide”

Sacha Christe, owner of is not only a results-driven leader, but also a successful entrepreneur with a vision.


Sacha, can you tell me some more about your professional background?
In the past, I have tried to launch several start-ups, including a clothing line, but being in university made things tougher as I had less time to invest in my businesses. At a young age, I was in charge of marketing and branding for my father’s multinational company. Since I saw that my efforts were clearly improving my father’s online presence, I decided to open Emirates Graphic to help other companies achieve success by strongly improving their online presence.
When did you start the company?
I started the company with a small team in Switzerland in 2012. After growing my client’s database, I decided to further expand the company to Dubai in 2014. I chose Dubai because of its fast growing economy and fierce competition between all major and minor companies. Dubai was also an attractive destination for me because they won the rights to hold the Expo 2020, and this event was going to bring many new companies and opportunities to Dubai.
You became an entrepreneur at a really young age, what got you started?
My dad and my culture were the two main reasons I decided to become an entrepreneur. In Switzerland, everyone is expected to start working from a really young age in order to achieve financial independence early in life. I could have remained as an employee in Switzerland but my father took my mentality and ambition to the next level. He always took the time to take me around the world to attend important business meetings, and this greatly helped me understand the way business works.
Branding….What’s important for you when a company wants you to make or rethink their brand?
Branding is by far the most important aspect of any business. The identity of the company is what builds the structure of the business. Without having a strong base, it will be difficult for any business to stand out and compete with their competitors. We strongly believe that that success of a company depends on its branding and the vibes it emits towards its clients.
Social media is so important these days, what’s the next big thing?
Social media will remain the big thing for years to come. It is the platform that this generation chooses to socialize with. Everything can be done on social media including business. One of the best ways to spread the word about your company is through social media, but it has to be done right. My team and I have developed several different strategies over the years to target the right audience for the corresponding products. We will continue to invest our time in social media as we believe that there will be no competition to that in the near future.
Who are your clients?
We mainly work with start-ups and small companies that are trying to stand out from the competition and expand their businesses at a larger scale. We also help entrepreneurs to make their vision reality buy helping them build their business at an affordable price. It is safe to say that we have become professionals in branding medical businesses, as several of our customers include medical centers and hospitals. Our main objective now is to build a strong portfolio of satisfied clients. We will start targeting bigger and well-established companies in the near future.

You also have clients outside of the UAE ?
The advantage with online businesses such as Emirates Graphic is that it’s easy to expand our services across countries since the work can be done in one place, and the completed task can be delivered anywhere using different online channels. We currently have clients in Europe, and we are starting to expand our services to Canada.
Application Development is your newest service. You felt there is a big market out there?
The market of mobile applications is huge. More and more companies decide to invest money on mobile applications, since it’s one of the fastest ways to generate income and it’s easily accessible on any mobile device. We have decided to take this opportunity and form a new team of application designers and developers in order to satisfy the growing demand in that industry in a unique and creative manner.
I enjoyed your blog, you really want to share your vision with the public don’t you ?
In my past, I was lucky enough to get advice from entrepreneurs around me that really inspired me. It helped me work hard towards my goals and remain motivated. We are trying to share advice, past experiences, and challenges on our blog in order to motivate and encourage all entrepreneurs to take a step forward and start making their vision reality.
What projects are you working on right now?
We are currently working on many different and exciting projects. One of the main projects we are working on right now is called Get Fit Dubai, which will be an online platform connecting all personal trainers, gyms and nutritionists to the community of Dubai. We are also currently working with a company called ODC Lifesaving, which supplies Lifeguards to all private pools inside hotels, buildings and compounds in Dubai. USH, which is a healthcare company that provides an eco-friendly solution that they call a “medical passport”, is one of the latest project that we have completed. It allows a patient to store his lifetime medical information in order for doctors to give a better diagnosis. We have designed their software and are currently helping them with their branding and marketing.

Any plans for the future you’re thinking of ?
The main goal at this point is to build a strong portfolio of satisfied clients because I want to prove to people that I am trustworthy and one of the most professional graphic design agencies in the market. The plans for the future is to build a strong name for the company with a good reputation, acquired from all satisfied clients, in order to start targeting bigger and well established multinational companies.
If you could dream away, what’s your biggest dream ?
The biggest dream would be to expand our services worldwide, by opening a branch in every continent, in order to facilitate the communication with our clients and build more trust. We would also want to take part in some of the graphic design exhibitions and trade shows happening around the world, for examples “Cannes Lions”, which is the international festival of creativity in South of France.


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