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We had a talk with Muhammad Nadeem Anwar,Managing Partner of Hortus Landscaping Works in Dubai. Offering landscape design, construction and maintenance services for all size projects and properties.

Mr Muhammad, what are the main services you offer?

Hortus Landscaping is a professional landscaping firm offering full range of services in relation to exterior landscape environments from consultation to construction for all types of residential and commercial properties.
Starting from Swimming pools, water features, spas, outdoor rooms, patios, outdoor kitchens, wooden and tiles decks, pergola and gazebos to creating planting plans, ambient lighting systems, well added irrigation systems, high rise greenery, green roofs etc all are well crafted by Team Hortus.
Our desire to create beauty and comfort coupled with derive to deliver excellent customer service, we always ensure landscapes that exceeds expectations.

Are you only working in Dubai or also in other Emirates?

Based in Dubai, we provide consultation and designing services to the clients of all Emirates of U.A.E, yet our construction services are only limited to Dubai. However, we are planning to expand our construction wings to other Emirates too in near future.

Tell us more about the Hortus pools?

Hortus Pools is a division of Hortus Landscaping famous for designing and building luxury pools on modern grounds. We design and build pools based on creative designs, highest specifications and with splendid craftsmanship.
Hortus Pools provide services including custom design and build concrete pools, custom design and build GRP pools, Spas, Jacuzzis, water features, sports as well as kid’s pools, pool decks and different kinds of fountains including dancing and musical fountains.
We at Hortus Pools ensure that every pool and water body is unique in its design, construction and use providing the true aquatic serene experience to its users.

What are the newest trends in swimming pools?

With the shifting trends to the healthier life choices and more emphasis on family time, swimming pool designs are embracing a more holistic approach in any modern landscape design.
We are seeing contemporary living areas being created outdoors like outdoor kitchen, decks, multimedia entertainment areas with pools as the center piece of whole landscape design with stunning enhanced features of mood lighting , soft music , soothing water sounds shaping a perfect modern styles.
More broadly speaking about the newest trends in the pool design these days are like more focused infinity edges from simple mosaic towards more sleek reflective effects, use of reflective glass creating a simple luxurious impact, creating shallow spaces in the pools for use as lounging ledge or sunny siesta as well as good space for kids to enjoy, designing bar ledges, LED mood lighting, use of fire and water combination, chlorine free systems, use of automated pool covers and incorporation of more energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

If one of our readers is thinking about having a pool in his garden, what should he think of, technically spoken?

We discuss and guide in details all our clients about the aesthetic and practical aspects of swimming pools during the design phase as well as after the completion of construction works.
Technically speaking the major factors to keep into consideration include Location and orientation of the proposed pool, usability, size and style, health and safety and most of all is the operational and maintenance features. Energy efficient filtration systems, cleaning systems, lighting systems, and heating and cooling systems are the major technical features to keep in mind considering operations and maintenance factor.


You have your in-house designers?

Yeh absolutely. To cater all the landscape requirements of our esteemed clients, we have a team of highly qualified and professional landscape designers with vast industry experience.
From initial concept to completed project our dedicated team of designers shepherds the whole process and oversee all the details of their conceptual schematic designs shaping up to reality.
Our Designers not only update themselves with the modern industry trends but are also affiliated with eminent international professional bodies as Landscape Institute (U.K.); Center of Urban Greenery and Ecology (Singapore); Royal Horticultural Society (U.K.); Australian Institute of Horticulture (Australia) and Australian Society of Horticultural Scientists (Australia).

You have different types of landscape irrigation don’t you?

Surely we do. An irrigation system must apply a consistent, even, measurable amount of water to the landscape over a period of time. It is necessary that the system designers consider water cost and conservation, long term durability and maintenance cost, safety issues, aesthetic issues, and site specific requirements.
The relative importance of these considerations will vary from project to project and require the attention of a qualified and experienced Irrigation Team.
At Hortus LLC we recognize the value of water conservation by adhering to the most modern designing techniques, Systematic installation systems, and use of branded efficient Irrigation products.
We use Surface and sub surface irrigation systems for all kinds of ground surfaces as well as high rise buildings, facade greenery, vertical greenery, green roofs, green walls in our landscape projects.
From manual control to hi-tech remote control and mobile application technology all irrigation system are very practical and effective.

Another service is agriculture consulting, can you explain?

Hortus Agriculture provides agricultural consulting services to the agriculture and farming industry. We take an integrated approach to crop management consulting, providing farmers and growers with a comprehensive choice of services, from crop inputs to environmental counseling.
Technological advances are being made at a dizzying pace, so simply working harder and longer isn’t enough. Today’s farm managers – already under pressure from increased competition and slimmer profit margins – must also work smarter.
Our clients look to us for relief from the staggering amount of information they need to process each day.
Some of specialized consultancies are provided in broad array of fields which include: Soil and land capability, Natural resource management and planning, Water management planning, Farm water development planning, Modern Farm Irrigation Technologies, Fodder Crops, Vegetable and fruit production, Tree crops, Range management, Forestry

When someone calls you how fast can you start working?

We value each and every call or message we receive from our clients and act very efficient way. However being a professional we have to follow standard procedures before actual execution of the works at site.
Every new inquiry we receive for a new project is being followed by series of steps like Client interview, Site survey, preparation of the concept design, meetings with clients, finalization of the design, Budgeting, preparation of the agreements, construction drawings, approvals from Authorities and mobilization at site to start the construction phase.

How can we reach your company?

We can be reached easily through :
Tel no./Whatsapp: +971502831341
Emails:, or social media pages of Hortus Landscaping Works LLC.

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