Sabina Azizova (Little Champions Nursery) : ‘Here at little champions we are a family and together we create our happy world!’

Ms Sabina Azizova runs with her dedicated team a fantastic nursery in Dubai,catering for children from 3 months to 4 years of age.

When did you start the nursery? Why a nursery?

I started this nursery in the year 2012, I was always interested in personal growth and spiritual Development that made me take interest in Human Psychology and genetics and I came to the realization that the experiences we get as a child stays with us throughout our life that is why it is very important to instill the right values , because most childhood education experts agree that building a child’s character must begin at preschool age.
During this period, children can be easily shaped and guided to learn about what is right and what is wrong, and to learn to live a value-filled life. They can easily absorb and emulate what they see and hear from the adults in their surroundings.
The reason why I wanted to start a nursery was because I wanted to contribute to the life of youngsters to help them with the right values and thoughts.

How many people are in charge of your business?

We are a team of 17 qualified and experienced enthusiasts .Our teachers are highly qualified native English speakers who are passionate about providing a stimulating environment in which the children can play learn and develop their skills. Here at little champions we are a family and together we create our happy world!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you offer a personal approach to each child?

We focus on getting extra events for participation to encourage bringing out the potential of each child. The teachers interact one to one with each student making sure the child reaches all milestones, if they are not met, we encourage then with one to one interaction with the teachers. As we follow the British curriculum we make sure we have the right ratio

What are the daily timings of the nursery?

Our timings are flexible to suit everyone, we have three options 7.30-1 pm , 7.30-3 pm Or 7.30 -6 pm making it convenient for working parents. We are also open on Saturdays making us one of its kind of nursery school.

Tell us something more about “Early years and foundation stage curriculum’’?

FYFS focuses on Jolly Phonics teaching methods designed to develop children in all areas of learning .We at little champions nursery cover the 7 areas of learning that deals communication, physical development, personal ,social& emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics , Understanding of the world & Expressive arts & design. We extend our curriculum by providing different varieties of events to encourage the development of those qualities

Theatre classes are one of the services you offer?

All our areas of learning are directed at improving a child’s confidence and also to bring out the hidden potential in a child.so we give a lot of importance to theatre classes which we conduct as a co-curricular activity.

What future projects you have with the Bee Family Club?

The Bee Family club was created to provide workshops for parents to help them understand their children better and to discover and develop their individual qualities. Our mission is to instill in the children a strong sense of love , self-worth, gratitude, altruism and respect not only for themselves but also for their surrounding world

If I want my child to be a part of your nursery, what is the admission procedure?

Just bring your child here and we can guarantee that your child wouldn’t want to go back home that is the start to the procedure!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the biggest dream for the future of your nursery?

The sky is the limit, I believe in the concept of limitless possibilities , every child born is already a champion and I want this idea to be instilled in each child. As time passes it will not matter what my bank account was or the sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child!!!!!!!


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