Dr. Mehta , Managing Director Skin Laser Clinic

Dr Mehta you worked for the past 31 years in several countries? Where are you located ?

I’ve been fortunate to serve as a faculty member, armed forces medical unit, private hospitals and own private practice. My entire professional journey has crossed several countries. Now that I look back, it’s an incredible feeling when you’ve treated over 150 nationalities with all different skin types that you can name.
With this experience, I’ve learnt that incidences and pattern of Dermatological diseases differ from each geographic area. So does their management of cosmetic conditions where you require special skills and understanding skin types. I understood that treating dark and black skin is a challenge without major side effects.
Now I am located in Dubai in my own medical center .

You offer clinical and cosmetic dermatology ?

Yes I offer Clinical and full range of Cosmetic Dermatology including several types of state of arts Lasers and energy devices services in Dubai.

One of your services is offering a non surgical facelift?

Yes . No one wants to come under knife. No one wants scars and side effects in cosmetic procedures. We have non surgical skin tightening using skin tightening device . It has no pain , No down time and no side effects if done correctly by an expert Dermatologist. One can see immediate result and after one month when new collagen forms patients can see more enhanced result . This procedure can be combined with other procedures .


You offer quite new laser solutions for people with psoriasis skin disease?

Actually it is not new treatment. Unfortunately there is no permanent cure for psoriasis up till now. Excimer Laser is safer and can help in Psoriasis remission and Vitiligo treatment.

Removing tattoos is also no problem?

It needs few and sometimes several treatments but some colors are difficult to treat like green and yellow.

Can You tell us some more about “Cryolipolysis” ?

Cryolipolysis® is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis – the breaking down of fat cells – to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues. The scientific principles of Cryolipolysis® were discovered by Dermatologists Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD and R. Rox Anderson, MD, of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

People with acne scars can be treated with laser therapy?

Post acne scars is one of the commonest cosmetic problem and result from neglected acne or improper treatment. Post acne scars are certainly a preventable condition which could have been prevented by simple advise from your dermatologist. It is now not as easy to undo these permanent scars , pits and blemishes. There is a need to evaluate these patients and there is need to do one or several procedures in order to offer cosmetic acceptable result.
Fractional CO2 , RF micro-needle Fractional and subcision are best treatment options.

You are Director of DASIL ?

DASIL is USA based Dermatology International Aesthetic League and holds international conferences in different parts of the world . I am Board of Director of DASIL , Faculty and Congress President for DASIL Dubai conference to be held in Westin Hotel , Al Habtoor city on 19-23 Oct 2016. We are expecting top world class faculty and large number of delegates . Dubai Tourism is our Gold sponsor for this conference and provided lot of support so thanks to Dubai Tourism and Government of Dubai. I love Dubai .

As a member of Rotary club your life is also about spending free time on philanthropic services?

It is very important to give back to Society and corporate social responsibility . I love philanthropic activities.

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