Cyndie Wade : ‘I try my very best to give each customer the “red carpet treatment!”‘

Cyndie Wade is the founder and owner of CUSTOM CREATIONS. She has worked as a professional artist for the last 20 years. Her ornaments and custom hand painted drinkware started out as gifts for friends, and charitable donations for fund raising, now have launched into a full time career..


Cyndie what gave you the inspiration to start your business?

I was searching for gifts for my family. I was discouraged when I couldn’t find a unique gift, so I decided to hand paint Christmas Ornaments with their homes on them. I posted a few on social media…and the rest is history. I immediately had a huge response. Shortly after that, I began painting wine & beer glasses a shot, and the rest is history.


What’s the most important element of your creations?

I think the concept of what I do is so well received because it’s so personal. I paint people, their pets, homes on glassware and ornaments. Painted Memories…Keepsakes that will be enjoyed year after year.


Who’s the first celebrity you created art for?

The first celebrity I painted for was Steve Wozniak. Co founder of APPLE COMPANY

I now paint for many celebrities and awards shows and the response is always the same… They love the fact that everything is customized and so personal. It’s a gift you can give someone and you know they won’t already have it.


Was there one special occasion that gave your business wings to fly?

Yes! I was invited to be in the gifting suite for the George Jones Tribute Concert in Nashville by Celebrity Connected. My creations were so well received, they then invited me to Los Angeles for the Grammy gifting suite. The rest is history, (that was three years ago) and since that first event I’ve attended the Grammys, Espys, Emmys and even on the red carpet at the Oscars.


Are you also creating work for overseas?

Yes, I ship worldwide. A lot of my business overseas is for the custom wedding glasses. Beer mugs for the guys, wine glasses for the ladies. All custom Handpainted from photos emailed by clients. Because they are custom, I can created the glasses with the exact attire the wedding party will be wearing, the flowers, everything! A truly fun gift for the wedding party.


What are a few of the television shows and feature films you have created your art for?

I’ve actually painted for many TV shows and Movie premieres. Sons of Anarchy , The Young and the Restless, American Idol, Today Show, Tyler Perry’s Have and Have Nots, Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart…I painted the wedding glasses for the show VANDERPUMP RULES on Bravo…much of my business is wedding most recently I created glasses for the cast and crew for the movie “ALL EYEZ ON MY” The Tupac biopic coming to theaters in 2017


Do you create only for celebrities?

No… I create special gifts for every demographic and price point. Although I try my very best to give each customer the “red carpet treatment!”


What was your biggest success?

Honestly, my biggest success would be my happy customers. I truly love what I do. I feel so blessed to be able to create one of a kind keepsakes that are unique and touch people’s hearts. To me… Their smiles, photos and thank you letters, are my greatest success.

Where can people learn more about your creations?

They can visit my website I’m also in FB and Twitter:@cydwade

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