Your paella specialist in UAE : URBAN PAELLA UAE

Luis, we all know “paella” is a typical Spanish meal, but can You tell us some more about your background ?

Paellla originates from a region called Valencia. Close to Valencia, there is a creek famous for planting rice, this is where the authentic Paella was born, made with chicken, rabbit and Artichoke. The dishes is origanally Aribic, ancient theory says it is a dish made with left overs.

Is there a Spanish community here in Dubai ?

Yes there are around 15,000 Spanish people and 50,000 latin people.

You are always cooking outbound ?

Yes, I bring the spanish experience to your home, I think it is a unique concept. I think there are many restaurants in Dubai, but I think its very important that people gets the special treatment in their home.

Can You always use the same ingredients as you would have in Spain ?

Yes, We are very lucky to have distributors in Dubai providing a wide range of Spanish products.

Another Spanish delicacy you offer is Spanish tapas. What kind of tapas can we expect ?

Octopus Feira, Gambas al ajillo(prawn garlic sauce), Spanish Omlette, Baby squid in suid ink sauce etc.


You also had a special Iftar menu?

Yes, We launch a special menu every month.

What was your most remarkable event where you made your delicious paella?

Italian Summit 2015 in JW Marriot Marquese, cooking with 26 michellin star Italian chefs, and some of the best chefs in Dubai.

What are your biggest culinary dreams ?

I am living my dream.

Our readers are getting hungry….how can they contact you ?

Through my website –

Facebook – Urban Paella UAE

Instagram – Urbanpaellauae

Youtube : click here 

Mobile – +971561314534


Our final question…Who’s the best ? Real or Barca ? 🙂    

I am not a fan of football, but I think the friendliest team is Atletico Madrid.

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