Exclusive : Hassan Elhais, Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants

When you seek legal advice in a foreign jurisdiction, you need a law firm you can trust with local experience and international standards, one that combines your need for technical and practical knowledge with professional service.
We had a talk with Mr Hassan Elhais, legal advisor with Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy.

Mr Elhais, what is your specialisation exactly?


Can You tell us some more about your education and background?

LLB in law, obtained a diploma in private laws, Sharia laws, philosophy of laws, trials of law, commercial law, civil law. Mr Elhais has been practising as a legal consultant in Dubai since 2005, specialised in drafting memos, statements of claims and consultations in litigation. Mr. Elhais obtained a Master’s Degree in Law.

As renowned legal advisor you were also speaking at international conferences abroad?

Yes, I have been invited as a guest speaker in different countries like Prague, Italy and London.

How many people are involved in your office?


Companies from overseas can contact You if they are interested in starting business in the UAE?


Arbitration is one of your specialities, can you explain us more about “arbitration” ?

It’s a way to resolve dispute in simpler and more modern way. It’s one of the simplest method to resolve disputes between parties I believe it’s the future of the Litigation.


What qualities make a good lawyer?

Ethics and moral values, gaining and maintaining the clients trust.

You started back in 2005, how did the role of legal consultant change during this period?

Now the role of legal consultant is more regulated and the job description is more defined/precise now legal consultant is holding license through the law firm which is not possible before that give more credibility to the legal consultant.

What makes the UAE “a good place to do business”?

Very simple procedures very transparent systems free of tax area easy to setup your company sometimes in 1 day. Easy to have 100% owned business strategic position.

You actively recruit people with legal experience in other countries?

For example, from Thailand, Russian and India. Our company is always opening it’s door to any talented expert from any place all over the world.

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