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Christos Dovas, fashion designer

Christos Dovas (Fashion Designer): Imagination is my driving force and it is a quality that delights my clients

We had the chance to enter the world of Christos Dovas, New York based fashion designer, an endless ocean of creativity..and ready to explore Dubai.

Christos Dovas, can You tell us something about your background?
My experience started next to my father who was a custom shoe designer. I was fortunate to begin my apprenticeship with him at an early age.

I saw him working hard on his workbench, executing down to the last detail every little aspect of how to make it perfect.

I saw the lady, I saw the little old mirror some of its silver paint on the back had chipped off, this one with the velvet cord, not hanging as it should but lying on the floor against the wall.
I saw him cutting the lace, putting it with the silver lining, creating it over the wooden form, to make a shoe, all executed by hand, stitch by stitch. I saw him making the fire for the engraved iron frame and when hot to put it over the golden tape and push it down on the leather for his signature to show.  Later as a teenager I became more involved with fabrics and found myself being creative on how to enhance a woman’s appeal.

What was the first design you created ?
Shoes. What else!!! Later on when I opened my first boutique I was designing and making apparel as per evening dresses, jackets, skirts, shirts.


It’s a passion or a destiny ?
I am passionate about design, style and especially beauty. Imagination is my driving force and it is a quality that delights my clients. I am a dreamer. I have always loved to watch movies and people and then close my eyes and wonder how I could make my visions a reality. I want my designs to conjure up the imagery of books, sculptures, paintings and secret stories all through the medium of my pencils and threads.

Where do you get your inspiration ?
I love a beautiful woman. I love beauty. I love to design, create and ultimately make women feel beautiful.

What makes NYC so special as a fashion designer?
NYC is special from every aspect. Museums, Art, Business and of course people. People make the difference.


Which fabrics do you work with ?
Every possible material that will contribute to the correct translation from page to finished product. Some of the materials and textiles I work with include metallic leathers, fur, skins, silk laces, pearls, rhinestones, beads, hand-made silk flowers, wool fabrics and vintage artifacts.

What’s your biggest dream or wish for the years to come ?
I wish to grow my company bigger to become known worldwide.

How did the industry changed since You started ?
The fashion industry is always evolving. People like new ideas even though sometimes come from the past.

If You had to choose just one of your creations as your most favorite one, which would it be ?
I love all my designs and I love flowers especially roses,  this is where my boleros are inspired from

You have your own webshop ?
Our website with e-boutique

Our social media to get updates

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