Lookswoow, state-of-the-art dental clinic (Dubai)

Lookswoow (Dubai) is a state-of-the-art dental  clinic, designed with modern interiors and equipped with advanced dental equipment to deliver exceptional dental care to achieve complete patient satisfaction.
We had an exclusive interview with Mr Ayman Abdo, Managing Director of Lookswoow

Mr Abdo, where is the clinic located?

We are lovated inside the Dubai Mall on the ground floor GF 260 next to Galeries Lafayette

What kind of cosmetic dentistry services you offer?

We specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer the following:

1-     Hollywood Smile – We have special approach in ensuring customers receive the ultimate look by following a 20 point check list. The check list ensures that customers veneers have the correct shape, color alignment that matches the customers look and skin color. The result is a natural beautiful looking smile

2-     Composite veneers: A cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers. This gives a Hollywood smile by using composite like material to achieve the look the customers are desiring for

3-     Bonding: This is a method used to fix broken chipped or broken teeth. We ensure that we use material that match exactly the color of the patients teeth

4-     Teeth Whitening: We use a food , plant and mineral based system to ensure the maximum results without the sensitivity associated with other systems

5-     Snap on Smile: These are molds that are worn to give a Hollywood smile appearance without any touching the original teeth. These mold are special grade and are manufactured in the US customized to patients teeth.

6-     Braces: These are used to correct the alignment and bite of patients teeth. We carry different types of braces that range from metallic to clear braces.

7-     Inman Aligners: These are devices that correct the alignment of frontal teeth. The treatment time usually takes only 3 months

How many people are working in the clinic?

We currently have 14 people working in the clinic


You are working with the newest techniques isn’t it?

We use the latest technology in terms of equipment, materials, techniques, and hygene

You offer invisible braces?

Yes we do. We have clear braces as well as clear aligners such as invisalign.

Each client has individual requirements, can you offer personalized care?

Absolutely, we can accommodate most of patients requests in terms of service and customers who have anxiety and we always make them feel they are in control. In addition we customer focused meaning we always make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with our services.

You have promotions right now?

Yes we do.

1-     Teeth whitening promotion which includes scaling and polishing, teeth whitening and teeth whitening pen for maintenance of the color for 1,499 AED

2-     Dental implants to replace missing teeth including zirconium crown for 7,999 AED

3-     Hollywood smile – 1,999 AED per tooth

4-     Braces starting from 3,999 AED for initial installation

You cooperate with insurance companies?

Yes we currently have agreements with NAS , Metlife Alico, SAICO, Globemed, Cigna, Al Madallah

Tell us about your 0% financing plan you offer?

We have agreements with FGB , ADCB, ENBD, Citibank, Noor bank, Emirates Islamic, mashreq, Dubai first.

Spend 1000 AED on any of the above credit cards and a customer can avail 0% financing up to 12 months. All the customer have to do is call the care center and request the amount to be charged on installment basis

If our readers want to visit your clinic.. They need to make an appointment?

Yes they do, we also accept walk ins if there is space available.

Customers can request appointment by the following methods:

1-     By calling 04 4487016

2-     Through our website

3-     Through Facebook

4-     Through email



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