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Ms Saba Nejat, Managing Director, Yzer Motors

Exclusive interview with Ms Saba Nejat, MD of Yzer Motors

YZER GROUP is a full service solution which aims to give consumers the best value on all high-ticket items, by providing better value across the property and motors categories and beyond. We had an exclusive interview with Ms Saba Nejat, Managing Director of Yzer Motors in Dubai

Since when were you appointed to the role of MD at YZER Motors and what was your background?

I’ve been working with YZER Motors for a year now, and I’ve been in the industry for over 3 years since I moved to Dubai from South Africa. My career began in Sweden, working with some of the world’s top advertising agencies like Studio Total and TBWA, that paved the way for me to be where I am today.


YZER Motors is renting all types of cars, from small budget cars to very exclusive ones?

YZER Motors is a reflection of the current market, any cars for rent in Dubai or cars for sale in Dubai are available on our platform. We are working with dealers with the cheapest cars on the market right up to the most luxurious super cars.


What’s the most exclusive one you offer right now?

As the market keeps changing, we have great offers for budget cars starting from AED 39 a day to the more luxurious cars – such as a Lamborghini, Bentley and  Ferrari – for AED 2000 a day. So the make and models available on our site depend on our partner dealer’s inventory that they want to promote.


Do you currently offer electric cars as part of your inventory? 

At the moment we unfortunately do not. However, we are working alongside a number of partners, whom we expect to offer electric vehicles as part of their inventories in the foreseeable future.


What are the 3 main factors your consumers look for when renting a car?

Customer service will always be the number one factor. You may win a customer’s sale one time but lose repeat sales due to unsatisfactory customer experience and service. Since the launch of YZER Motors we have put an enormous amount of energy and resources in developing technical solutions so the workflow for our partners and our end users runs smoothly.


Of course, to a great extent price competiveness is also a major factor too, but Dubai residents by and large are willing to pay a little extra if they are offered better service.

Finally, I’d say that being time efficient and responsive is very important. This ties in with customer service and their overall experience engaging with us. Hence, we make sure we respond to our customers on all platforms and as quickly as possible.

Nowadays we hear a lot about self driving cars, will it change the whole industry? 

It has the potential to change the whole world – coupled with electronic cars – the highways and roads as we know it will start to look like the future we’ve always envisioned. YZER Motors are excited about what’s in store in the future and we’re putting in place the infrastructure and processes to prepare ourselves for such technological innovations.

The UAE has plenty of car dealers and leasing companies, how do you ensure you stay ahead of the competition?

YZER Motors is placed in a very unique position; we don’t actually compete with car dealers. In fact, in order for our business to be successful we need our partners – i.e. the dealers – to succeed. Customers are highly sophisticated in their purchase behavior with multiple devices and readily available information at their fingertips. So our objective is to help develop the industry as a whole in order to catch up with the increasingly advanced customer behavior. At YZER Motors we believe that it is more important to stay ahead of the customer than it is to stay ahead of the competition.


As a woman it must be quite difficult in an industry dominated by men, tell us more about your experience?

It’s certainly a challenge; but that’s where I derive my passion for success from. Men heavily dominate both the tech as well as the motor industries. However, both genders are our consumers, in fact all of our consumers come from diverse backgrounds. At YZER Motors, we believe that we as a company need to reflect our consumers and therefore, not having diversity in key decision making positions will only negatively affect business.


What’s your favorite car? 

Porsche 911 Turbo. Decades of excellence.


What’s your biggest dream? Where do you want to go with YZER Motors?

My dream and vision for YZER Motors is to be a household name in the UAE. We work with the principles of listening, learning, ready to adapt and always stay relevant to the industry. Breaking big dreams into small steps is the way to move forward.

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