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Jean Watson, the rising star of online counselling

We had an interview with Jane Watson, a trained Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. Jane became worldwide known with her online counselling and we were curious to know more !

Jean..What is Counselling?

Counselling can be a very different experience according as to what Counsellor you choose.  My style of counselling is about helping individuals and couples to have insight into themselves and their issues and then empowering them to make changes.  Counselling does not have to be long and it most certainly shouldn’t be awkward and never public. It is also most certainly not giving advice.


What is an “integrative approach” exactly?

Counsellors can train in just one line of therapy which they use for all clients.  However as an integrative Counsellor I do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” style of counselling but use approaches and explanations that best suit each client. My personal style can be summed up as conversational, informative, sometimes challenging but most certainly empowering


You are also dealing with addiction problems?

Yes – I believe that all Addiction problems are the symptoms of the same causes that people would come to general counselling for.   With addictive personalities, they fill their (often unrecognised) needs with distractions such as alcohol, drugs, shopping, work, gambling, eating etc etc. but of course that never works which is why they keep going back to them.  Unravelling this sometimes means “going in for the operation” rather than “putting a sticky plaster on it”.  However I do support clients both throughout the process of dealing with issues and also while they re-engage back into the World without their addiction.
What does counselling cost? 

Counselling costs vary greatly but paying the highest does not ensure effective or good counselling and vice versa.  Engaging a good Counsellor is about rapport.  You can pay the earth but if you don’t have rapport it won’t be effective.  I try and make Counselling as affordable as possible because I see daily it’s benefits and therefore I charge at the lower end of the scale at £38 per session

You provide online counselling?

Yes. There are many reasons for this.  There are a large amount of English speaking people that would benefit from counselling but who are not able to get to see a Counsellor either because of location, working hours, family commitments etc.  This is especially true of the expat community.   I use Skype webcam which works really well and is especially helpful when a couple are in a long distance relationship as it can bring them together for counselling.

Which ‘problem’ are you most dealing with?

There isn’t one particular issue that stands out.  I work with both individuals and couples and therefore it is pretty varied.

Getting our lives back on track is what you offer with “life coaching” right?

It is.  It isn’t therapy and Life Coaching has many different meanings and sometimes gets a bad press.  My view is that people sometimes get stuck in life as their view of reality limits them as to other possibilities.  I am a great “normaliser” which means that I help people reach their full potential without the limitations of their previous limiting beliefs or realities.  Sometimes people just need a platform to brainstorm possibilities and permission to dream.

Confidentiality is one of the most important keywords in your business?

Absolutely.  I feel very privileged that people entrust me with thoughts and feelings that they haven’t sometimes even shared with themselves and therefore I respect that.

Are there any new services we can expect in the near future?

I keep trying to Blog more frequently but there are usually too many people to engage with – so no, nothing new for now.

Why should people come to you for Counselling?

Good question.  They shouldn’t if I am the wrong Counsellor for them.  It is about finding one that you can trust and have rapport with.  Finding the right Counsellor can be difficult for some people so I try and make it as easy as possible by (bravely) putting a video on my site which shows how I conduct Counselling.  I also offer a free 15 minute non therapeutic taster session via Skype to see if my style and approach, which may not suit everyone, is right for them.  I am just happy as long as people engage in Counselling if they need it.


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