Digital Marketing Solutions Continue to Boom and Boost the Performance of Competitive Enterprises in Dubai

Dubai, one of the most important business capitals in the world, is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of online marketing solutions providers assisting both local and international businesses with strategic digital marketing. The best in SEO and web design and development can be found in the city and the demand for their services is growing remarkably.


With the digital realm expanding due to the rise of new Web-connecting devices and technologies, businesses are well aware of how crucial it is to firmly establish their presence in it in order to ensure success. After all, this is the age wherein if you’re not doing business online, you’re better off not doing business at all.


Taking your business to the digital world is no longer merely meant to secure a competitive advantage; it is now an absolute necessity.


However, it has to be thoughtfully planned out.


You can’t just create a website and expect people to engage and transact. You can’t even expect that in the “real” world, because most people are mere passers-by; just because you have an impressive brick-and-mortar establishment, it doesn’t mean that every person who sees it will automatically enter and buy. Your marketing effort will create the situation that will ensure your business’s solid performance and competitive edge.


James Reynolds of, an organic SEO service provider in Dubai that provides online marketing solutions to companies like HSBC, Aramex and JA Resorts, says digital marketing truly makes a whole world of difference in a company’s performance and all enterprises should know how to do it wisely — do it the smart way.




And speaking of smart marketing, that won’t be complete without SEO. It is known to be the most effective tactic in building brand awareness online. In addition, it accomplishes even more for marketing.


SEO provides businesses the opportunity to dig deep into their target market (through analytics) and know more about customer interests and tendencies so that highly effective marketing campaigns can be created. Likewise, with a smart SEO strategy in place, all the metrics for success for e-commerce sites — traffic, stickiness, conversion and customer retention — are targeted.


Video Production


Meanwhile, React Digital, a production and digital marketing agency also based in Dubai, has been successful in boosting the engagement of target audiences. By producing videos, audios, apps and other marketing materials, they are able to net in a bigger share of the market for their clients.


A representative of React Digital shares that videos are particularly powerful marketing tools. With online users generally preferring visual storytelling to plain text, the marketing videos they produce are able to lock in website visitors better.


That is no surprise since numerous studies have already proven the efficacy of videos as marketing tools. According to MarketingSherpa, viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them. Moz, on the other hand, discovered that posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts. And Internet Retailer reveals that viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.




SEO and video production are not the only reasons behind the growth of digital marketing services in Dubai. PPC (pay-per-click) agencies are also generating a lot of business.


“PPC is a smart tactic to utilize in order to test out a business idea, explore variations, and tweak details without investing much money at all,” explains Reynolds, who is also the CEO of Click Jam, a Google Adwords specialized digital agency.


“Google Adwords and PPC can also be used to test advertising and marketing campaigns. Before wasting lots of money on print media, TV, radio and billboards, why not test a campaign using Adwords? Multiple ad variations can be written and tested before settling on the winning formula and rolling it out into other mediums.”


With all the advantages secured by carefully designed digital marketing campaigns, it’s no wonder the online marketing industry of Dubai continues to grow. As more new businesses rise in this location, digital solutions providers will surely grow their service. It’s an exciting development that the business sector can look forward to.

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