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Seeking distribution in UAE : ‘Arte Vita’ premium gluten-free snacks

‘Arte Vita’, premium gluten-free and allergen-free snacks.

Soon available in the UAE and we had an exclusive interview with James D. Roumeliotis from Canadian based company Artizan Fine Foods !.


Gluten Free is the keyword of Artizan Fine Foods?

Canadian based Artizan Fine Foods developed and owns the ARTE VITA (Art and Life) brand. It firmly represents a premium gluten-free, allergen free and plant based (ideal for vegans and vegetarians) Mediterranean diet inspired baked snacks.


When did you have the idea to start this?

The idea initially started when my partner, Manny, decided to change his diet a few years ago, to help improve his health and decided to include a gluten-free diet. However, he was not able to find any decent pita bread or snacks which were delicious and worth the extra money. As such, together, we knew we could do much better than what is offered in the marketplace by offering artisanal gluten-free products which would be tasty, look great in fancy packaging and offer excellent value for the money. Following 18 months of numerous testing and reworking our formulas, we finally succeeded and approved by many focus groups. Our goal is to help people eat better, through our products and education. To help bring this message to the masses we use our strengths and creativity, marketing and branding skills.


You’re aiming towards the health-conscious consumer?

Absolutely! Although originally we were solely focused on healthy and delicious gluten-free products, we decided to expand to those seeking a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Can You tell us something about your cooperation with universities?

In order to succeed with research and development of existing and future Mediterranean diet inspired healthy products, we felt it would make sense to include the food science faculty of renowned universities such as McGill University and Cornell University. Presently, we are also planning on distributing our products to university campuses as an alternative to the junk food snacks widely available.

You’re Canadian, are you already selling elsewhere?

Yes, we are preparing to distribute our product into the U.S. and later in the year to a select number of countries in the E.U., as well as in the Middle-east.


How do you want to conquer the GCC market?

We are considering either collaborating with a well know health food importer for distribution in the GCC, a local gluten-free contract manufacturer or perhaps to license our brand/products for the GCC market. Our products can be easily approved/certified as Halal.


Which food exhibitions are on your list?

As a global centric company, along with Gulfood, we are also much interested at SIAL in France and Canada, the Fancy Food Show in NYC, as well as various health food and gluten-free exhibitions in the U.S., Canada and Europe.


What is your most successful product? 

Our most popular product is the gluten-free baked pita crisps in three natural flavours which includes a sweet and a savory choice.


Can we expect new products or ideas in the near future?

Yes! We have several healthy and unique products under development including a gluten-free pita bread toast, a snack-to-go box with pita crisps and a hummus dip, as well as an organic and caffeine free Greek Mountain tea carbonated beverage in three natural flavors. It’s interesting to note that all our products have a shelf life of at least 12 months – and without any preservatives. In addition, we are planning two additional flavors of the pita crisps


What’s your personal favorite? 

Although all our flavors satisfy most palates, my personal favorite is the Roasted Garlic & Sun-dried Tomato flavoured pita crisps ─ especially when dipped in hummus, olive paste and other healthy spreads.


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