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Lithuanian restaurant chain looking for franchisees in GCC !

Justas can You tell us something more about your professional background?

I am not sure if my professional background is the most important thing. In my opinion, the most important thing is what background does have all our team. We have 30 years experience in making confectionery, we have more than 30 years experience in developing franchisee business, we have long experience in developing and managing factories, we have already 20 years experience in international business development, we have competence of law in the United States, in China, in Australia (of course in Lithuania), we have great experience in sales B2B also in B2C segments. We have competences of constructions also art and design. We also have competences of e-commerce and e-marketing. The best challenge is to manage all these great skills.

You want to develop a global restaurant chain, where are you now ? How many restaurants you have already?

Now we are developing our chain in Lithuania, we are preparing all the systems and processes for international partners. We‘ve been developing four restaurants. Some of them we closed, because of bad locations. In days we are opening few more restaurants. We have got very great locations in Vilnius old town, each day we are getting additional offers here in Vilnius, also we are getting request from entrepreneurs who wish to open their own cafe with our products in other cities.

How many restaurants you want to have let’s say in 2020 ?

Last few years we have been working to build a very strong team, to build a wide social network of very competent persons and long-term partners. Per this period we have prepared really strong and scalable business model. With master franchising at the beginning of 2020‘s we are planning to have at least 100 restaurants, and we are planning to grow faster and faster each year. Give us few more years and we will open one new restaurant each day.

Which added value can you give to your customers?

We can give to our customers extraordinary pastry and innovative tea products. We will reach to find out and fulfill all our customer’s needs by giving them professional and attentive service. A warm smile will be our casual emotion, which will help us to leave our cafe visitors happy and in good mood. We will increase our customer knowledge about the world of tea because we are experts of this segment. We will spread the love about this drink and we will keep updating our tea drinking community with knowledge and benefits of this drink.

You have your own confectionery plant ?

Yes, we do have it and we proud of it. It is built to European Union standards, this means that we have good quality and we guarantee this. It is good that our pastry shop is flexible, we can easily change the main product line. We can make high-quality handmade chocolate, we can make confectionery for vegans, we can vary with all range of sweets in a short period.

What makes your confectionery so special?

It is natural. It is hand made. It is elegant. I am glad that our confectioners have long year experience, so we pooled old school and new school. We have absolutely natural products and we serve it as brilliantly elegant style.

You are developing your own franchise system?

We see franchise business as one of the most reliable and scalable business models. That is why we start to develop our own franchise system. At the beginning, our goal was a franchise system only for a restaurant, but we made great home works and now we have franchise system with both all the processes for the restaurant chain and together with confectionery plant processes. This gives us an opportunity to have the best pricing, the great controlling system of product quality and of course we have our own exclusive products, which no one else has.

Could you tell us something more about the investments needed as franchisee?

As a franchisor, we have few opportunities for our franchisees. For the well-experienced business owner, we could offer the master franchising business model, this model lets him subfranchise business in the concrete area. For those who would like to chose the medium size business, we could offer franchise system of confectionery plant and also 5 to 10 restaurants. And for those who is dreaming about his own small business, we can offer to open few restaurant. So the size of investment depends on a business model which our client will choose.

Which area do you want to cover first ?

At the moment we have partners in few states of America, our partners have their social network in China and Australia. So the highest probability that we will start there. But, we are looking for strategic partners in the United Arab Emirates, we see that area as the very perspective state.

How can interested readers contact you ?

My email is local.justas@gmail.com. It is the best way to connect with me. After a short letter, we can schedule the skype call or live meeting.

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