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Aqua Star shoe repair service, your shoes deserve quality all the way

Did you know that Dubai has an excellent shoe repair service company ? We had an exclusive interview with Mr Sanjay Joshi from Acqua Star Shoes & Leather Trading !

Mr Joshi, when did you started the company?
We started  in May 2016.

What is the background?
We do not have background of cobbler neither leather specialist but out of our passion towards the footwear’s and people’s struggle on the particular segment analysis we have started this business.

How many people are working in the company?
We have a team of 6 people on permanent role and 3 on contractual mode working for the betterment currently.

Are you only working in Dubai?
Yes we are working in Dubai but apparently we are covering throughout UAE with logistic support.

Which kind of services are most requested?
The very common services are cleaning and sanitizing and color restoration along with shoe mending, we also cover the handbags repairment where most of luxury brands of handbags comes for scratch removals and polishing.

You also offer alteration services?
We do offer alteration services for footwears as well as the garments alteration too. Most of leather garments are purchased online where customers struggle to get accurate sizes , so we get requests for the resizing and stretching of materials .


Your team also offer customize shoes?
Well we have not done the customize shoes for any individuals but we do create character shoes for biggest theme parks of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Your clients are mostly corporates businesses?
We are serving many of corporates but we have very few programmed in corporate bulk pricing offers because this corporate have not started budgeting their funds towards employees recreation towards the footwear / shoes / luggage segment , so we do pricing with employee level but with very good discounting.

Are there are any services you’ll offer in the near future?
Very soon we will be starting the customized shoes with small budget to exotic leather line creation also we are coming out soon after the month of Ramadan our fabric alteration tailoring 24/7 services in the heart of Dubai.

How can potential clients contact you?
We have been providing all the support to people to get in touch with us through google , other social media and our hardcore brochure every week in different community . People can call us on our designated phone lines , 24/7 , mobile support (+971 55 9208726 / +971 4 2417100) and emails (aquastarians@gmail.com) and even we are on 2gis directories for location map.

If you could dream into 2025 what is your dream?

Great that you have asked this , we definitely see our self very steady by that time with if not more but at least with a spread over the entire UAE  and GCC together with 10 outlets with all facilities towards the cobbler and  alteration world .
The entire foot care, shoe care and all the theme parks in this regions will be supported by us. With all the wishes from our client and all mighty.

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