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Succesful UAEPROJECT Instagram account created by ambitious Emirati

Who is the person behind this successful ‘UAEPROJECT’ account ?

My name is Ahmed Almarzooqi, studying civil engineering. Third year student in Higher College Of Technology Dubai .
I have always been interested to design buildings and structural work. Since I was a kid I kept asking my self how these buildings like Burj al Arab and sheikh Zayed road buildings were built.
I was looking for all the new projects at that time like Burj khalifa and see there construction update week by week. I search online or I go near to the construction sites to follow weekly changes on projects.
And how did this all started and became that big ?

Two years ago I started the UAEPROJECT account in Instagram and I had few followers. Every day five posts and in two months a reached more than one thousand followers. I posted with pictures only but when the number of followers increased ,then I began posting time lapse video, after that videos with my own voice explaining in more details with English subtitle.

I know a lot about projects under construction and finished project. I keep searching for every project and how each structure was built. I love updating my knowledge on projects in UAE. I feel great when I hear about projects which helps on developing my country.

I think people see all the under construction areas whether in the center of the city or in their backyard. They want to know what all these under constructions about, they want to know how good will be the new hospitals, Dubai for zero theme parks to 4 huge theme parks end of this year, people are excited about the new theme parks, which roads or highways will soon  be opened to decrease traffic and UAE airspace updates on discovering Mars. Not only locals and residents of the UAE are interested but also people who are living in Europe, Asian countries, America and in  other middle eastern countries.

I guess this is unique ? 

I think I am the only one who started this type of field in Instagram.Thats is why it’s special and no other accounts posts news and updates on projects in UAE. I try to show my followers almost all the projects in every field; in health, retails and entertainment, roads and transportations,  aviation and airspace, theme parks and much more. The account shows update on under construction projects, recently announced new projects and finished projects.

I also cover under construction projects in snapchat: UAEPROJECT , snapchat helps to show every part of the project with details in the design.

I went to Louvre museum Abu Dhabi, Al Habtoor city, opening of new roller coster called  ‘Flying Aces’ in Ferrari world Abu Dhabi, new ‘Yas arena’ indoor stadium in Dubai, al Noor island in Sharjah and the heart of ‘Europe islands’ located in the world island Dubai. µ

What questions You get from followers ? 

The most asked question from the followers is when is the completion date, Some times the company who owns the project does not announce the completion date of a project or the company delays the opening date because of the design change or cost issue.

Thanks a lot, where can our readers follow Your activities ?

Instagram : UAEPROJECT
Snapchat :   UAE


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