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Lara Abdallat : Women are the message of compassion and coexistence

How are you doing now ?
Thank God, I’m actually doing very well, at best shape and happy. Living a semi-normal life. But who am I to complain 🙂

We wanted to update regarding Your Hacktivism efforts.  You save lifes, don’t you ?
Correct, My Hactivism efforts as a member of the Hacker Counter-Terrorism operation group called “controlling Section”, Ctrlsec-for short, did actually save many lives.
But it was primarily, the around the clock, Team work of Ctrlsec, that uses “digital weapons” to battle Islamic extremists.
Ctrlsec is a strong cyber ally to fighting the Islamic State, since November 2014. Mikrosec – his anonymous title – is the Founder of ctrlsec & my best friend. Ctrlsec’s Team managed to suspend over 119k accounts on Twitter , hundreds of Jihadist Websites, Forums & Platforms , and over 100k accounts on other social medias.
We are fighting a digital war, since Isis are penetrated massively online.
Our Social engineer professionals helped prevent multiple terror attacks. We traced the Tunisia & Newyork planned plots on July 2015. We helped expose some of Isis’s identities which led to the arrest of hundreds of extremists.

Did You get any support from UAE ?
UAE is one of my A* Favorite countries. But no, we have not received any support for our fight against terrorism.

Your mother is Turkish-Syrian, how do you feel about the talks between Turkey and European Union leaders regarding the millions of refugees?

Is Talking about millions of refugees over dinner helpful?
Refugees are suffering, they had a front row seat for watching their loved ones & friends die. The emotional stress they went through and still are, leaving their memories and assets behind, hoping to survive.
In my opinion, it doesn’t matter who talks to whom. What matters is to stop this blood bath, hoping to re-build one ounce of hope for syria’s next generation.
Syria’s issue is extremely painful to watch. I wonder if it will ever be cured.

How does an ordinary day looks life for You ?
My life is a roller coaster. Nothing ordinary about it. When I’m not on a plane, I wake up very early, feed my cat & walk my two dogs. Exercise if I have any energy left. I’m a workaholic. I love creativity.
Between supervising the Interior Design office and launching My WIP Fashion line which is my “Dream accomplishment”, I engage in CyberWar.
I was named by “Quora” as an example for ‘Beauty with Brains’ , along side an extraordinary group of iconic women that I’m personally a fan of, such as: HMQ Rania Al Abdullah II of Jordan, Natalie Portman, and Amal Alamuddin.
Each and Every person should be his/her own line of defense against extremist thinking, Violence and terrorism.
His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan has called the fight against these outlaws of Islam,  a “Generational Fight”. His Majesty implored all Religions to unite together, adding “This is our War”.
What could be better for women in the world regarding to you ?
The best most important element to build, for all young ladies, located anywhere around the world , before she blossoms into a mature, beautiful and a responsible woman is “Education & Knowledge”.
One of Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan’s best-known slogans is: “If you Educate a woman, you educated a family; if you educate a girl, you educate the future.”
And, I quote her: “Women paint in our children’s minds a life filled with its brightest colors.”
Female Education is an essential Human Right, an international movement to empower women toward a Smart, strong and a sophisticated promising future, engaged with innovative, inspiration, and improving the standard of living for their own children. Women are the message of compassion and coexistence.
They invest their income  in their families, which will in return improve the prospects of their entire community. We should unite our skills to create opportunities and not ignorance, diseases and poverty.
And, I quote Malala: “Invest in books not bullets.” A worldwide access to education can majorly reduce the problems we are facing especially these days.

Thank You !

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