Interface introduces World Woven™, a global collection of Skinny Planks™ and squares, getting inspiration from textures found around the world throughout history.

Uncomplicated, hand crafted and imperfect are attributes that are increasingly sought after in the materials with which we surround ourselves, given the hectic nature of modern life and all its newness.

Developed by Interface’s exclusive product designer David Oakey of David Oakey Designs, the collection weaves together modern sensibilities with memories of some of the most enduring textiles of the past, including the tweeds and bespoke woven textiles of Oakey’s upbringing in the UK.

“The beauty of hand-weaving is that it’s closer to nature than the synthetic uniformity of ‘modern’ machined production,” said Oakey. “In traditional Scottish tweed, for example, what looks like solid green actually has at least 10 to 15 colours, which is similar to the way nature works with colour. Other artisanal fabrics, like the freeform weaves known as Saori, are similarly diverse.”

“These products lend themselves to a wide range of possibilities – from a simple neutral background, or a composition of multiple textures to create diversity and movement like that found in the natural world,” continued Oakey. “World Woven itself does not create spaces with an outdoorsy aesthetic; rather, designers may be attracted to the collection for its residential feel, or its mix-and-match capability.”

Helmich Jousma, Concept Design Teamleader at Interface, explained: “The World Woven collection is a reflection of the residential-like trends we’re starting to see unfold in European workplaces. There is most definitely a shift towards more comfort in commercial design.

“This movement clearly illustrates that the workspaces of the future will be places users want to be in with surroundings that make workers feel good, and this collection spearheads that change.”

Heritage, Interest and Detail
The World Woven Collection includes six 25 x 100cm Skinny Planks and three square ranges, each with eight colour options.

The three square styles in 50 x 50cm format: Collings Cottage, Mod Café and Scottish Sett, are perfect for complementing the Skinny Planks and creating contrasting areas within a carpet installation, or as a standalone feature rug area.

Within the defined constraints of small scale and a neutral palette, WW890 has more texture and contrast than the WW880, WW870 and WW860, creating a pattern that reads more strongly across the floor. Blending those same yarns into a soft rib texture produces the velvety pattern in WW880. WW870 takes cues from a boucle or knit texture, while the contrast remains relatively low, a slubby effect emerges. All of these details are stripped away for the elegance of the effortless and uncomplicated WW860.

To complement this carefully curated set are two colour studies – WW895 is soft and less manicured and WW865 is flat and orderly like the warp on a loom. The Collins Cottage and Scottish Sett patterns revive the noble houndstooth and plaid, while Mod Café renews the playful and optimistic patterns of the 1950s.

In keeping with its commitment to pioneering sustainability in the industry, Interface created the styles with 100% recycled content nylon –in factories that are increasingly powered by clean energy. In fact, as part of its Mission Zero® commitment, Interface sources over 90% of its energy needs from renewable sources globally.

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