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Discover Insydo !

What we do


Think of us as your digital buddy… recommending the best [of everything] that this dynamic city has to offer: from the trendiest bars and backstreet bakeries to expert electricians and in-the-know nutritionists, we’ve got them all.


Why you’ll love us

Let’s be honest: in a city as fast moving as Dubai, it’s hard to keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not. So, here we are – your dedicated search platform recommending all the best places, services and experiences that Dubai has to offer; so you can spend less time reading unreliable reviews and more time enjoying our awesome city.


Launched on the 15th January 2016, insydo was up against some stiff competition and breaking into the market was going to be tough.  However, with our enhanced product features, fresh content and our bullsy ‘Save Steve’s Job’ campaign, we broke all the rules and built a growing community of over 120,000 unique visitors per month.


In an average month, people in the UAE make over 1 million searches for services in Dubai.  A million searches, for the answers that we provide on insydo.



Our mission

To provide an intelligent, search-centric experience that connects people with curated services, products and activities in their city.


Our vision

Be the leading independent search platform, recommending the best services and experiences, so people can save time and make the most out of their city











What makes us different?


1 – We give a damn

We were built from the ground up to help make things easier for you; from the businesses we recommend to the way you search the site – it’s all done with you in mind.


2 – We go undercover

No freebies or special treatment for us *unlike some*, it’s all about giving independent and unbiased recommendations. That’s why we go undercover for every single visit and pay every single bill ourselves.


3 – We have more

We’re super proud to feature over 3000 of Dubai’s best businesses, services and experiences across 440 different categories. That’s way more than others in the region… [smug face].



4- City in your pocket

We empower people through our platform, to discover the best businesses in their city at the touch of a button, ensuring on-the-go convenience and reliable results.


5- Making it easy

A simple user interface often requires a complexity behind the curtains.  Indeed, we have gone to enormous lengths to ensure the technology that powers insydo is up to the job.



1- Our intelligent search engine

Our algorithms retrieve the most relevant results to the users based on categories, keywords, analytics and user profile/history.


2 – A personalized experience

We are building a recommender system that delivers intuitive suggestions to each user.


3 – Scalable business model

We’re implementing a system that automates the selection of businesses by category. Allowing insydo to become more scalable and expand to new cities.



1-  Our web product went from beta in October 2015 to Version 2.0 in April 2016. We are in final stages of the development of our native Android and iOS applications with an enriched user-experience.


2- We have grown to 120,000 unique visitors per month in just 4 months.

Company Facts


  • We’re a digital start-up based in Dubai Media City
  • We were founded in 2014 by our CEO Tanaz Dizadji
  • We launched mobile web and desktop in Beta mode on 15th January 2016
  • We will be launching our Android and iPhone apps in Summer 2016
  • We experience anonymously everything we feature to ensure that our recommendations are honest and informative
  • To date, we have over 3000 business recommendations featured on insydo spread across 444 categories.


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