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Amel Sediri (Mode et Caftan”) : Fashion is a passion for me, especially oriental fashion

Amel Sediri is a French fashion designer and the founder of “Mode et Caftan”. Ever since she launched her fashion label, business has been growing steadily. Today she has plans to conquer the Gulf region.


How long have you been designing and making wedding dresses? 

I created Mode & Caftan in 2009. Fashion is a passion for me, especially oriental fashion. My creations are for wedding, custom made designs or bridal. These artisanal creations request alot of work and time.

What inspires you?

My first inspiration is my mood. If i feel combative , my mind will travel around the uniform world creations, or pirate costume for example. If I feel romantic , i will go towards Victorian times. I’m also very inspired when I travel. Different places, different cultures and traditions of many countries are very precious to me. I love also pictural and mix of colors.

What kind of fabrics and materials do you use?

I like all the materials, silk of course, but also velvet which I consider as a noble material. I’m also passionated of  the muslin because of it’s lightweight and it’s facility to shape the woman’s body.

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Talk us through your design process. What inspires your designs?

The design is regularly done all year long. I look for new ideas, new information, I work on the new current trend participating in professional exhibitions. After this i do my own drawings, i choose my fabric. Once this step is finished, we send everything to Morocco for the model making, the cutting and the beginning of all the needed elements for the dressmaking.

What advice do you have to offer women who are looking for a kaftan? 

As Karl Lagerfeld said” The clothes don’t have to suit you, you have to suit the clothes” That’s why, I would advise women to always choose the Kaftan that correspond to their morphology. She has to suit it. I always work on different colors in order to satisfy different skins.

You started your own label in the throws of the economic crisis. Why do you think your business survived and thrived?

I’m motivated and with a combative character, that’s why the economic crisis was not an obstacle for me. When i decide something, i do all my best to reach it. Whatever the conditions, whatever the time it takes, I never change my mind. It works or it breaks…. iIm not afraid of taking risks.

Is there someone you would like to dress?

I would love to dress Meryl Streep, i think she has an incredible talent, and that she represents the women in her whole elegancy whatever the role she interprets.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on my new collection which will be on the website in October. I’m preparing the shooting, selecting the models….It’s a new part of me that I will let you discover…

What is your biggest market?

Actually it’s Europe. But I work to develop my business in USA and in the Emirates

Are you selling in the Gulf region?

A little bit. I’m thinking on participating an exhibition in the Emirates in order to promote my brand and to be known in this region by the women.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

My mother. She is an independent woman, a worthy person. She transmits me her values. I’m proud to be the person I’m today and my creations are the reflection of what i want to transmit to the other women.

When are you happiest?

I’m always happy, I love my life. we never know of what tomorrow will be done. it’s like a big movie. It’s very exciting ! More seriously, i’m very happy when my clients are very satisfied by their dresses, and they wear it proudly. I feel really proud and flattered and that’s what gives me strength to continue in this job.


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