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Chloe Widera, Managing Director, Apres-vous UAE

Chloe Widera (Apres-vous UAE), successful and ambitious



Chloe you graduated from the Makeup Forever Academy in Paris..Can You tell us some more about this academy ?
The Makeup Forever academy is one of the most prestigious makeup up training schools worldwide, It was a dream come true. I enrolled in a 9 month training course. I learnt so much about the world of Makeup. Not only the techniques, but it also give me confidence and knowledge of my field. Which was really important.

Also London was part of your journey in the fashion industry ?

London was a turning point in my career, the truth is before moving to London I couldn’t speak a word of English. I knew if I was to have an international career and the chance to travel I will need to learn! So I moved to London, and I start working as a freelancer. I had some of my worst and best experiences. Freelancing can be really challenging, but it’s also the best way to learn. By making mistakes, dealing with your clients, managing your time, collecting your invoices, constantly traveling around you learn to improve. Every morning is a new beginning, with a new surrounding and new projects. Being a Makeup Artist is much more than applying makeup trust me !

When did you started Apres Vous? Were you successful from the start ?
Apres-Vous started two years ago, with the idea to gather a selection of freelancers together and build a trusting team of talent able to work on many different projects. Having my own company gives me the freedom to work to the highest standards possible. Success doesn’t come quick and I have many things I still want to achieve before considering myself successful. Being a entrepreneur, is really inspiring and exciting but it’s also incredibly

difficult 🙂 Growing organically is also a good thing, it allow us to really be involved in every detail. Get to know our customers and field better! We have the passion and drive to continue this journey and create a well recognized brand worldwide. Give us a few more years !

You provide individual services and also commercial jobs ?

Yes, we divided company in two sectors. What we call individual services is everything related to our private clientel. This includes home services, we will send our Makeup Artist and Hairstylist to the comfort of your home or hotel to pamper you for any events. weddings, parties, prom, red carpet events, meetings and more. The commercial sector which is related to the media industry. We are working for leading magazine across the UAE as well as TV programmes shows & commercials. Our goal is to deliver a world class standard of service.

On your website ( www.apresvous-uae.com ) I read very nice testimonials … What was your best experience until now ? 

It would be hard to choose one best experience as there are so many. But the best feeling is having happy clients who come back to us and recommend us to their entourage. Seeing a smile on woman’s face once they discover their transformation. Being blown away by themselves !! And how beautiful they look with a little help. We not only experience a transformation from the outside but also within, what we we call a ‘’ Glow’’ or ‘’ sparkle in the eyes’ is real. We like to think we help woman feeling more confident and powerful with a touch of magic.

Some customers have crazy expectations ? 

Sometimes, but crazy isn’t always a bad thing. It pushes us to always be aware of the latest trend, techniques and product. Specially nowadays with social media, woman are much more aware of what is happening in the beauty industry. There is so many tutorial available to teach you how to correct, hide, enhance, cover … We have to be on top of our game.

At First Sight eyelashes…Tell us more about this collection ?
We are so excited about this collection, At First Sight Eyelashes is our first product. We wanted to offer to the woman of the UAE and worldwide a world class line of eyelashes. Made of Mink and Horse fur, our lashes are handmade from the highest quality fibres. We created a line light-weight, durable and easy to use.

Inspired by our French background this collection is truly one of a kind, our opening range is suitable for every woman. We believe eyelashes is one of the best accessory a woman can have.

These eyelashes are 100% cruelty free, this is important for you ?

Extremely. Our range of lashes are 100% cruelty free, no animals were harmed during the process. All fibres were obtained during the gentle animal brushing process. Once the hairs are gathered, they are then cleaned and sterilised. To ensure the products are clean and ready for use by the consumer. The fibres are then trimmed and assembled.

You are also experienced in the region for television projects, fashion shows etc…Can you give us some examples?

Of course. We recently completed a contract with ESPN where we stayed one month in Paris covering the Euro 2016 event. We have worked with Piaget for their new collection in DXB, where they invited the high net worth clients for the launch. We provided make up and hair for the runway  models and guests at the One and Only Dubai. We have been on set for the Real Housewives of Melbourne Series when they visited DXB, X-Factor Australia also filmed in Abu Dhabi which we were part of. We also got to meet Roger Federer in DXB for a Hall of Fame film shoot. When the T20 cricket season was on we were shooting commercials with the stars of the game like Virender Sehwag, Murali, Saqlain, Maxwell and more. We have also worked with brands such as Pandora, Dubai Tourism, Samsung, L’oreal and many more.

How about your bridal service ?

We love Weddings ! Our role is to deliver the highest quality services for the bride and her family. We want our bride to feel beyond beautiful and stress free on their big day. We gather an excellent team of professionals aware of the different culture and customs. We have a complete set of products to compliment all tones, shades and preferences for the occasion.

Special effects make-up…I guess you are the only provider of this kind of services in the UAE ?

And proud to be! Special effects makeup services is associated mainly with film production. But we also have important dates in our calendar such as Halloween! 
We have recently been asked to change an actor into Winston Churchill ! We have done many ageing Makeup as well. Where a person have to appear 20 to 40 years older. We have worked for brand such as Audi, Emirates NBD, Dubai Tourism and tried our best to make their vision come true. Special Effect Makeup is a world where everything is possible, we can create any character, change your appearance completely, create zombie, vampires, cuts, bruises, fake beard, fairy and much more. It’s a really exciting side of Makeup

What plans do you have for the future ?

Continue to grow our team and client base. We are also expanding our range of products ! And of course to keep enjoying, challenging ourselves, and creating great memories !

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