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Gabrielle Del Cid, Luxury Interiors

Gabrielle Del Cid, boutique design studio in Dubai and Milano

Gabriela, can you tell us some more about your youth in Central America?

I was born and raised in the heart of Central America, Honduras, 32 years ago. I studied art, music and painting all my childhood. I knew architecture and interior design was going to be my career, since I was a kid. I studied architecture in my hometown San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
During these years, sadly but truly I knew I wasn’t going to stay there for long. At that time I was also traveling around Latin America representing my country in beauty pageants and charity events. To be known for a beauty queen and runway model back home, wasn’t something that make me feel proud of. So, I dropped out. And concentrated 100% in my architecture and design career. Where I really felt who I really was and could express myself widely.

How did your passion for art & design grew?

I can say we both grew and learned together, since during my early years I’ve been completely in love with colors, shapes and homes. But confessing first I wanted to be an art teacher, my path change when I was 8 years old the day my father brought our new home floor plans set.
I used to dream staring at them everyday. I discovered passion, art and techniques could become one.

Your boutique design studio is both in Milan and Dubai?

Yes, I travel very often, to Europe and America to keep myself the most updated possible visiting trade shows, furniture shows, design conferences, yacht shows, everything related to luxury goods and luxury lifestyle only. These events provide great networking opportunities, and I’ve met very inspiring people with whom i’ve created strong alliances. Almost two years ago, that we started we were only based in Abu Dhabi, thanks to this and great team work now we are based in Milano and Dubai.

You are only involved in residential projects?

We could say, residential is my passion, I love to give our clients amazing results, more than only luxurious living spaces, day by day life time experiences with their own people at their homes.

Your suppliers are mostly Italian?

The majority of our work is taylor made , customized designs, according to the taste and demands of our clients, in Italy we’ve found and fall in love with companies that are out in the market generation after generation, offering unique craftsmanship pieces. It’s hard not to love it. But Italians, aren’t the only ones meeting and supplying our design standards we also work with Austrian, American and German. We only work with quality suppliers and we are always open to new opportunities.

One of your projects was in Kempinski Hotel?

Yes, I was only involved in concept design for the main lobby entrance. It was a very challenging project and life experience.

You offer solutions for “show homes”, what is your added value?

Our special design service for “show homes” mostly fall in Luxury Real
Estate and Residential Project Developers, our idea was born since, big part of our clients brought to the table, already designed projects, that they didn’t achieve their standards, and wanted to redesign. It’s understandable that when you design residential in quantities, it’s hard to pay attention to details. We offer to this companies an exquisite interior design and layout for their various typehomes, under their budget, as results offering to their clients high quality design and living experiences.

You are launching your own furniture collection next year?

The collection is already designed, and this summer we partnered with an Italian luxury furniture brand to create it. We still under negotiations.

Are you available for clients in all Gulf countries?

With globalization, the world honestly speaking had become very small. Actually, we are starting to concept design projects in North Italy and The Caribbean, Gulf countries are the nearest to one of our design hubs, thanks to this we are open to serve them as well with all our pleasure.

We all know personal shoppers for clothing but you are offering your services as furniture personal shopping?

Architecture is as fashion, it’s all matter of proportions. It has to look good, to feel good, to have your taste and most important your style. Because trends vanishes, style remains it works same in furniture. Furniture shopping can sound exciting, but it’s so much more, it can become stressful, when you really don’t know what to choose, over millions of furniture and lighting options, including colors, shapes, qualities and prices. We gift our clients back their time and piece of mind, taking care of the hard work of “selection” and handling back their dreamed spaces alive, saving expensive mistakes they could’ve chose themselves. Our service had become very popular, fun and accepted in UAE’s society. We are now introducing as well our Interior Design Packages, which includes a luxury personal furniture shopping trip to Milano! Way fun!

Which goals do you want to reach in the near future?

We are a boutique design studio growing fast, soon we will unveil our luxury residential tower which is a blow-mind project and unique in Dubai. We started small in UAE, now we are expanding with our projects in Italy and The Caribbean. We want to help people worldwide, to make them feel as super stars in their own beautiful home with our design skills.

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