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Marwan Rouini , Business Development Manager TBS

TBS : innovative access control & time recording solutions

We had an exclusive interview with Marwan Rouini, business development manager of Swiss company Touchless Biometrics Systems. TBS is offering flexible, functional hardware and software for access control and time recording.
Marwan, can You tell us something about the history of your company?
TBS – Touchless Biometric Systems is a Swiss biometric one-stop-shop offering complete solutions for Access Control and Time & Attendance. TBS started from a US government grant in 2003, to build the highest accuracy fingerprint device. We succeeded by engineering what is now the core of our commercial products integrated with an advanced Biometric Subsystem core. We are commercially in the market since 2009. In 2016, TBS has been recognized as one of the 20 fastest growing Access Control companies worldwide
As a Swiss company… quality & perfection is in your DNA?
Quality and perfect finishing are expected from a Swiss company, we try to provide also our high end professional products with a beautiful design and at very reasonable prices.
What’s the added value behind the 3D and touchless fingerprint systems you offer?
TBS – 3D Touchless Fingerscan Technology is unique. The award winning design and the threedimensional and contact-free sensor technology captures the highest possible quantity of fingerprint details, guaranteeing significantly higher security than any other biometric system. The market knows us as the inventors of the unique 3D touchless fingerscan reader.
The design of your products is amazing, aesthetics is important when creating a solution?

Our products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland, with elegant finishing, which earned them the red dot design award. TBS products impress with their discreet, functional design. All products can be readily integrated in an existing corporate setting in terms of form and colour, or tailored to reflect individual customer requirements.


Which are the newest trends in your industry?
TBS is implementing today the most versatile biometric platform available in the market (The Multispectral fingerprint, contact-less solutions, face recognition, iris, portable, and more innovations to come). Our intent is to act as an advisor-manufacturer, given that each biometric technology has pros and cons. TBS brings them all under one roof
Who are your clients? 
TBS equipment is securing many highly sensitive sites, all but 4 ministries and 1050 schools in Oman, many ministries, Universities & hospitals in KSA, the ministry of interior in Qatar, several ministries in the UAE, 80% of 5 star hotels and the nuclear energy authority in Switzerland, and many of other sites. Trained local partners are at disposal in all countries where TBS is active. We are constantly expanding.
You are exporting now to 20 countries worldwide ?
Not sure how many exactly, but started in central Europe, expanded to ME, and now to Asia. We also have some references in the USA.
How about GCC and UAE ?
TBS selected the best resellers and distributors in GCC which are currently helping us to increase our success in the area. It is not enough to manufacture high quality and reliable devices. A quality deployment by skilled installers, as well as local support in each country is as important in the value chain for end users.
Any new developments or products ahead?
Yes, many, come and see them at Intersec in Dubai Exhibition center (22-24 Jan)
If a company is interested in your solutions, how should they contact you ?
We will be happy to receive any inquiries on TBS@TBS-BIOMETRICS.COM. Afterwards, we will provide a customized support in each country through our local trained and highly experienced partners.


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