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Carinsight.com , compare & save money when buying a car

Xtra Magazine Dubai had an exclusive interview with Mr Rahul Kulshreshtha, founder of Carinsight.com

When & why did you had the idea for Carinsight.com ?

Idea of CarInsight.com comes from my personal work experience of over 18 years in automobile industry working with car manufacturer and one of largest car dealer in UAE. I personally have sold thousands of cars and found car buyers do not have one stop solution to comprehensive information on cars to make Smartest and Most Informative purchase decisions.


What makes it unique ?

CarInsight.com endeavors to cover entire aspects of car buying process along with making the site engaging and intriguing for car buyers. We will continue to introduce new features to give best value and make car buying Smarter.


What are the most common problems which may occur when buying a car ?

  • There are over 40 automobile brands in UAE market. Practically, it is impossible to visit all brands even within the same segment and understand the brand and car models. Many great automobile brands get missed out even from consideration.
  • Also, for car brand & models which buyers are aware, they do not have access to brief, easy and unbiased comparisons to make Informative decision.

This is where CarInsight.com comes in handy for car buyers.



Using your services can save me a lot of money ?

CarInsight.com has features which allows customer to compare and save money by knowing GCC fuel efficiency of all cars at a click of a button. Also, we are introducing features whereby car buyers can check promotions on all brands and get the best deal from the comfort of their home. We want CarInsight.com users to not only save money but also understand which car dealer provides the best customer satisfaction.


Are you only active in the UAE ?

Presently, we have started our operations in UAE. Utilizing past work experience in GCC & Near East countries, we have a staggered plan to expand atleast in G.C.C markets. We are also studying to expand in some African countries.



You work together with the car manufacturers?

We work very closely with car manufacturers and manufacturer authorized car dealers only.


– Dubai seems to be a hub for export of new cars to China, can You also help such exporters?

We are focused on Retail car buyers. I believe New car exports will reduce in coming years as car manufacturers will have official presence once they find the markets attractive and right business partner.


What car do you have ? Is it your guilty pleasure ?

Personally, I would love to own the Hybrid Acura NSX. However, it’s a distant dream. I use Honda Accord for official purpose and believe it’s a great value car.

 Interested people can write reviews for you ?

Yes, we have ensured that car enthusiasts write review about cars. But we want to go a step ahead where we want car owners to share their overall experience. I will not elaborate this and leave it as a surprise to be shared in coming months.


Imagine it’s 2020, where do you want to be with Carinsight.com ?

We want CarInsight.com to be the most trusted brand among car buyers for all the information related to automobiles. What Amazon is for books, we want CarInsight.com to be for cars.

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