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OneClickDrive: Car Rental Portal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

When did you get the idea of OneClickDrive.com Car Rental Portal?

I had never rented a car until December of 2015 when my car broke down. Lucky for me, there’s a car rental shop just down my place in JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers). I managed to rent a set of wheels in a matter of minutes.  Back on the road without a delay in the day. But I paid AED 130 to rent that Honda City, the market rate for it is actually AED 80 / day. Anyway, I’d blown up at least AED 200 using taxis otherwise.

During the week ahead, in after thought, I was researching on car rental businesses. How they function and so on. To my surprise, I discovered: Car rental shops are spread across the city without any structure or order. They charge different rates, offer different cars and provide different services.

And that was the inception of a website that would make life of car rental end-users a lot more easy in the UAE: OneClickDrive.com.


Who are your customers?

Anyone who needs a car in the UAE. All they need is a valid UAE driving license. Tourists too can rent a car in the UAE if they hold a driving license from the accepted list of countries and are here on a tourist visa.

60% of the white collar working population in Dubai and Abu Dhabi commutes by cars. A significant portion of them do not own a car. Many understand the benefits of renting a car instead of buying one. Those who have been unfortunate with a car breakdown or met with an accidents need to get back on the road. Then there are those who are looking to have a good time with their family / friends and experience the UAE like it’s supposed to be, by renting and driving an exotic car.


Is there no better way to get around?

Not in Dubai, in fact, not in all of the UAE.

Driving is definitely the most pleasurable way of getting around in the emirates. Kudos to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al Maktoum for the infrastructure Dubai is blessed with and likewise in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. UAE has the best road network in terms of quality and connectivity.

The RTA has done a spectacular job with the Dubai Metro and Shuttle Bus service, no doubt. But the extreme summers make it rather difficult for people to get to their destination during six months of the year. An Uber, Careem or RTA Taxi can only get you to your destination but it’ll carve a hole in your pocket if you have a lot of traveling to do in the emirate. A single journey by taxi from one end of Dubai to the other costs as much as a standard rental car for an entire day.

Renting a car is as good as owning a car for the days you decide to have it. And the freedom to drive your own car is, of course, brilliant. Drive at your own pace, choose your own route, get to the destination or just drive around in circles. Best of all, you can rent any type of car you want in Dubai: a Ferrari, be it!


Do your affiliated partner companies deliver cars to the doorstep of your customers?

Yes, most – if not all – of our partner rent a car companies offer free delivery and pick-up for monthly deals. If you’re renting for a day or few, you’d be paying a nominal fee anyway.

Luxury cars: BMW, Audi, Jaguar etc. as well as exotic cars: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and so on can be made available at the doorstep of your home or hotel. Of course, the rental car companies check up on who’s renting their high-end cars. Some customers even request a rental car straight at the Dubai International Airport arrival terminal. They drive out with a car from the airport parking lot itself. Not to mention, they pay a lot lesser than the rates those high-priced car rental kiosks at the airport.


The car rental market changed a lot since you started?

Most definitely. And for the better, we believe.

The disparity in market rates for cars has greatly reduced. Rates have standardized across the respective emirates greatly. In turn, the end user has greatly benefited. Especially, if s/he has witnessed UAE’s no. 1 car rental portal: OneClickDrive.com.

Local rent a car companies operate in various pockets of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Their fleets range from 50 to 500 cars have widespread reach. Before us, they mostly catered to their local markets as they largely depended on walk-in customers and door-to-door corporate pitching for business. Today, customers get in touch with them directly to sought rental cars from them.


You offer rental solutions for small cars upto the most exclusive sports cars?

Currently, we have the following sections on OneClickDrive:

The same sections are also available for Abu Dhabi and Sharjah too. They can be instantly switched from the ‘Emirate’ filter.


Will you offer new services in the near future?

OneClickDrive.com has a lot in store for auto-related industries in the UAE, especially when it comes to auto rentals. We have yet to encompass a number of other services. All in good time. We are soon looking to relaunch our LIMO section.


Which cars include the most popular rentals in the UAE?

In the cheaper segment, Toyota Yaris is a popular choice. Among luxury cars, the BMW 7-series beats any other. Ford Mustang is the weapon of choice by sports / muscle car lovers. Toyota Fortuner for anyone looking for a budget SUV and Kia Sportage if you’re happy with a crossover car.

If a user needs something immediately, can you help him?

OneClickDrive.com offers a straightforward, self-service model. The contact number and location of the respective car rental companies is mentioned alongside the offered car: it’s features and rates. The rates are not marked up. Users deal with the car rental companies directly. See: UAE’s no. 1 car rental platform search page.

In case a user needs to rent a car urgently, they can talk to our support staff over Live Chat or drop us a line at rentacar@oneclickdrive.com.

Vinay Pagarani is a co-founder OneClickDrive.com, which is among the most visited websites in the UAE by rent a car end-users. Vinay looks after the online platform, directs the core team and takes creative business initiatives.

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