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Kickoff Sports offers life size games in Dubai !

Kickoff Sports offers ‘Human Foosball’ and ‘Giant Snooker’, what is it exactly?
And Giant Snakes & Ladder?

Kickoff Sports & Amusement Tracks is a recreational facility that involve life size games like ‘human foosball’ and ‘giant snooker’ – it’s a wildly fun concept that’s even quirkier than it sounds. Kickoff gives the game a cool football twist which is really entertaining.

Human Foosball is a life-size remake of the classic Foosball (table football) game where you and your friends can enjoy the passion of living the game.

is a combination of Snooker & Football, where you can challenge your football tricks on a giant snooker table by using your feet to kick the ball into the table pockets.

At Kickoff, by offering Giant Snakes and Ladder game we ensure a completely unique LIFE-SIZE thrill experience of being chased by snakes and climbing up ladders yourself with every roll of the dice.

Kickoff is an adult-friendly indoor playground that kids will love as well.


Where are you located in Dubai?

Kickoff Sports & Amusement is located in the heart of the city in Oud Metha behind Lamcy Plaza (close to Oud Metha Metro Station or Nasr Club), the space is covered in astro turf and features four playing arenas which can accommodate dozens of guests at any time.


Where did the idea came from?

The vision was always to be innovative & creative. Some inspiration we got from seeing the videos on the internet but then those were not done commercially. After a lot of research, testing & feedback we thought it was ready to get live.

Also, Dubai always is the best place to introduce something new & with the love for football among the local crowd is motivated us to proceed. Moreover, Life size gaming concept is trending a lot and if you can have it indoor with the air conditioning, then does not get any better.

Do you want expand to other places in the UAE or GCC in the near future?

Yes we definitely want to expand, infact we have offers from other GCC countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, etc. Also people from India are showing lot of interest for franchising.

Companies and private persons are welcome?

Yes Corporates & Private parties is our main target market. We do high volumes of birthday parties & corporate events in UAE. These life size games are ideal for group activity which are built on objectives like team building, motivation, fitness, mental & physical well-being, fun & excitement.

Catering is included?

Yes we can arrange catering from live buffets to snack boxes. Also if customer wants to bring in their own preferred catering we allow space for that.

You also organize Leagues & Tournaments?

Yes we organize Sports Leagues and Tournaments for corporates, schools & University. We can have tournaments at our facility as well as at an outdoor venue.

Is it also possible to enjoy your activities elsewhere? For example in someone’s garden or in a company?

The Snookball (aka Footpool) can be moved around and enjoyed in our own facility.

You have a gorgeous business here, what’s your biggest dream?

Yes indeed it is a gorgeous business because we feel we bring a lot of laughter, fun & happiness in people’s life when they play our games. For that moment at least they forget their troubles, life problems, etc.

Biggest Dream would be to see the games become popular not only as amusement but also as a competitive sport. Something like Snookball or Human Foosball being a game at Olympics or Common Wealth Games.

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