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Telal Lands With UAE’s First Waterproof Kandoora!

While UAE is at the forefront of all things innovative and technology, it almost makes us wonder what’s next? UAE has seen a fair share of rain in the recent past in 2020 and that has prompted fashion label TELAL to think long and hard about their next innovation – Enter the Waterproof Kandoora.  A garment designed specifically to dodge the  rains as well as spills from tea, coffee and any form of liquid.  

The new waterproof/spill proof Kandoora is just what the modern Arab man needs in today’s day in age. With the fabric of the kandoora prone towards easy stains and spills, TELAL’s waterproof kandoora is just the product needed to a live carefree day! The fabric of the kandoora is made of water-repellent silicon material, the same material used as industrial solvent to prevent waterfall. The material of the fabric is equipped to handle stains that have a larger percentage of water over the other material. Hence come what may, a coffee or a soft drink stain, TELAL’s kandoora’s slides it out in a jiffy! It’s definitely a clothing item one needs this 2020!

The waterproof Kandoora is priced at AED 231 and available to shop across all Telal stores in the UAE

TELAL Fashion, established in the year 1987, is a global brand name, renowned for offering traditional gents fashion, kids fashion, accessories, footwear to the market. A brand originated for the people of UAE, TELAL caters to the sophistication and high expectations of modern UAE consumers with a product line that includes ready-to-wear kandoras, in a wide range of fine fabrics, an exclusive line of handmade Italian leather footwear, bags and wallets, as well as fine accessories and necessities to complement the modern Emirati man. 

Catering to the UAE consumer, TELAL, being a product of this proud nation, and proud of the national identity and traditional wear – have sought to take it to the next level, with the development of the Waterproof kandoora!

TELAL offers its customers a unique experience across their 35 stores in the Middle East. Their boutiques are spread across the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and also present in Oman and Saudi Arabia. Customers can also get the full experience from the comfort of their home, with skilled tailors available to visit at their convenience at a days’ notice.

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